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Friday, 16 December 2011

Snobs Are Us

You Have To Wonder About "Eating Cake" Sometimes!

Yesterday evening Oldrightie treated Mrs OR to a quite excellent meal at the one surviving Michelin Starred restaurant in our foodie town. Everything bordered on perfect and the meal was sublime despite the nervousness my Snotty Brown devalued lifetime pension savings can cause such indulgence.

However one issue arose that is beyond parody when you consider the two boys'  "We're all in this together" rubbish talk. Plainly the  past has taught quite a few folk sod all!

Soon after we were seated at out table for two the centre eight place set table was gathered. My first reaction to this party was how scruffy they were. Four attractive women looked as though they had just got off a long haul flight. The chaps, bar one, were equally frousty and the once expensive sports jackets downright dirty.

Now as I observed the evening's unfolding minutes I found myself getting ever more hacked off with the very superior attitude of this gathering. I was resentful that my lovely Mrs OR and her immaculate appearance was deemed perfectly OK to be invaded by the scruffy apparel of our fellow diners. What unmentionable germs and bugs lurked in these outwardly, at first glance, expensively attired shabby people, I dread to think.

I suppose visiting hospitals they would be equally as untidy and unwashed. Presumably they only bother when dining with Royalty or their Kensington set. Perhaps, here in the countryside, they are happy to wear two day worn or longer farmyard attire!

One youngster in this group of average age late thirty year old/early forties bunch was a little better dressed. That not withstanding he was very quick to announce to his young companion seated opposite,( he, too, very well spoken but like, possibly Mum and Dad, dressed in filthy shirt sleeves),  that he was a lawyer. 

Now comes the crunch of my observations. The wonderfully attentive and professional staff serving us all were treated as though they were invisible. I remarked to the lovely French waitress as to "were these people wearing specs that rendered the staff invisible?" Her wry smile made me most conspiratorially pleased. We shared our disdain for these oh so scruffy and ignorant Toffs.

If I had been advised their courses were flavoured with a sharpness not tasted in our own I would have thought of that wry smile once more. It is said that manners maketh man. I happen to agree with that and  it is   not confined to just a handful of people. That crowd last night will have spent circa£1500 pounds on that meal yet deemed £1 pound's worth of soap and water beneath their consideration and good manners.

When I saw such people in this state of careless scruffiness I realised that not only the Jeremy Kyle trailer trash now revel in filth but it appears so do those capable and rich enough to understand, cretins. Cleanliness is good manners, too. No wonder super bugs rule. I just hope we were not infected by anything last evening. Strewth, our dog is cleaner!


  1. Even if you make allowances for being scruffy, there is NO excuse for treating the staff badly. I'm glad their food was "flavoured" - I hope it was something unpleasant...

    I had to drop by the chemists the other day, and I came straight from having worked on my car, in dirty jeans and jumper. But I apologised for my appearance, which was happily accepted.

    In 20 odd years of visiting peoples homes in my capacity as a service engineer I've encountered pretty much all sections of society, and some of the worst were those who had some money, and thought everybody else owed them a living...

    In contrast I've had to call on a cousin of Her Maj, and a local millionaire businessman - in both cases they were extremely pleasant, even in trying circumstances.

  2. We had a nice steak and chips at The Feathers once, it cost over five bob each. But we were dressed proper. And so was everyone else.

  3. MD, exactly my point, manners count. It's supposed to be polite, is it not?

    Demetrius, precisely.

  4. When finances allow, we dine in a very smart Italian restaurant. We often comment on the scruffiness of fellow diners. These fellow patrons may be rude or not but just making a bit of an effort to look half decent is surely part of the fun of an evening out?

  5. On a trip to London to visit my mother who was working there, I was queuing to buy some cheese at the deli counter of Fortnum & Mason's, right behind a rather dirty looking elderly man with a greenish sports jacket, baggy old trousers and down at the heel brown shoes. A good wash would have done him no harm as a vague smell of decay (clothes and body) pervaded the air.

    I passingly reflected that Fortnums had gone down market a bit, but thought no more of it. As we got to the counter, two of the serving guys became available at the same time, and one looked across at me and said with a smile... "Can I help you, Sir". The other looked at the scarecrow and said, "Good afternoon, Your Grace".... ooops

    On that same visit, we were on a train to Croydon, and my mother pointed out Lord Longford sitting just down the carriage on his own, reading. Then a girl sat down opposite him. Without looking up he said to her in plummy tones: "Let me know when we arrive at... (can't remember where)"... and continued reading his book.

    Noblesse Oblige...

    I'll regale you with other tales of me and the aristocracy in future posts ::::)

  6. Stroppy visitors to my old local used to get the 'special glass' which the barman had used to dry his bell end after going to the loo.

  7. Anon, great minds think alike! Tris, that lazy dirtiness is just arrogant disregard for others, isn't it? I suspect, Tris, you enjoyed "The Shooting Party" as much as I did. Contrasts were legion in that portrayal of the decline and fall coming.
    Monty, funny you should say that!

  8. OR, you are such a wonderful gentleman to take the Mrs. out for a lovely meal. Too bad it had to be ruined by rabble like that. Just cause some scruffy scums come into money, they don't know how to act or dress or even how to bathe! It's a sorry state of affairs!

    It's better now days to just go to the less expensive places that make good food, the trash won't show up there, putting on airs! or better yet, try takeout from a really good place or deli. Sadly, I can't afford expensive places at all, but I have a few local fav places, and for the most part, people dress ok there!

    I hope you and Mrs. OR and doggie are having a lovely Christmas Season so far.

  9. AB, what a lovely and kind comment post. I suspect your riches are far superior too many who see only pleasure in arrogant greed.