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Monday, 26 December 2011

On And On.

Who Wins?

This dreadful, blighted Country can only be ruled by a feared dictator it would seem. Our clever clog politicians got rid of one. Still the blood flows more readily and freely than the oil. If we add the terrible unfolding Taliban victory to come in Afghanistan, the true competence of our so called political elite looks pretty poor, to me.

After just one day celebrating the birth of Christ we are immediately back to all that's wrong with the Human Race. I just cannot believe we in The West cannot do better. Sadly the paucity of decent statesmen and women makes it impossible to improve.

It would appear that the only beneficiaries in the debacles are, as ever, the arms dealers. Their ability to supply all sides, regardless of any affiliation, keeps Africa, the drug cartels and gung ho politicians in business. As for Iraq and Afghanistan, just arms exhibitions and testing grounds for those making huge fortunes from conflict. Money readily used to influence the likes of Huhne and Bliar. Leaders only in their avariciousness and disgusting characteristics.


  1. All of America's wars since WW11 have been purely for the benefit and profit of Coporate America.
    Not to free the poor souls they were supposedly liberating. Nor for the patriotic fools fed into the other end of the meat grinder.
    Unfortunately we have had even bigger fools who have been delighted to ride the Yank's coat tails for their own personal ambitions.

  2. And not one British or American politician sacrificed their own life in the debacle.

    Those who made the arrogant decisions remained safely ensconced at home.

    The few who made PR trips were heavily protected by bodyguards, and ventured nowhere near where there was the slightest risk.

  3. "But war, organized war, is not a human instinct. It is a highly planned and cooperative form of theft."
    Jacob Bronowski - The Ascent of Man.

  4. Three most eloquent comments. Thank you all.