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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

New World Order.

Remember All This NWO Stuff?

It's getting ever nearer. So is the USA's passion for The EU part of its own shenanigans? One has to bear in mind that once a "business" is in trouble forced acquisition is often the manner used to escape bankruptcy.

Does it therefore follow that the woes besetting the EU are linked heavily to those plaguing the States? Perhaps the dash to dictatorship is the last throw of the dice before the Casino roof collapses. Problem is where the hell do we run to?

My image above most will know is taken from Orwell's "1984" . Merge that with "Animal Farm" and fiction is seen to be becoming fact, at an ever accelerating rate. Interesting times indeed!


  1. Luckily for our American cousins they still have the right to arm themselves.
    Over here we're only allowed metal cutlery, which I'm expecting to be banned soon, replaced by plastic knivies & forks.
    But it's not a NWO, it's just our political elite have realized we're sheeple, they can get away with anything.
    If we'd strung a few up after the MP's expenses scandal was revealed, life might be a bit more bearable.

  2. Indeed, OR.

    Interestingly, the Monarchy seems to have stepped up its PR recently - from Prince Philip calling windmills daft, to Royal weddings, to Royal visits to Canada and Australia.

    Are the powers gearing up for an alternative constitutional settlement? And what form might it take?

  3. Barnacle, hard to argue with your comments. Fausty, cavaliers and Roundheads again? As hard to choose which side to support as it was last time round! I suspect I lean towards the Cavalier one!

  4. Am I one of the madmen or is the world going mad with the media madder?

  5. Demetrius, without any doubt, the latter!

  6. It's getting worse by the day, all by design.
    The link, they reference Pastor John Hagee! He is very good and I watch his show on TV out here, on the free channels, all I can afford, he also has a website.

    He surely tells the truth, no wonder he was targeted by protestors. Also, Rod Parsley has gotten death threats by o's bff's. look it up. The pastors are the only ones on TV these days telling the truth about what's coming down the road. Scary times indeed.

  7. Hi, Bunni, we tend often to forget the USA tribulations, with our wretched EUSSR pressures. It does appear they are very much part of the whole world dominance plot. A nasty future seems impossible to gainsay, yet so many are fast asleep to what's going on around them.

  8. I like the new look, OR - it's a bit sombre but looks good and fits our situation well.

    The CIA funded part of the 1975 referendum in the UK - it's documented & I blogged abt it - so it's right to ask what possible gain the US cd have from our being "at the heart of" the EU. Likewise, our own governments since 1949. It goes back such a long way but there is a thread to pull apart.

    Fausty makes an interesting comment abt the Royal Family. Yes, there's a very good PR blitz going on now. We're talking about a British Bill of Rights which incorporates the HRA and obliterates the English Bill of Rights 1689.

    Tptb wd like nothing more than for England to disappear and take with it all of our thousand years of history and Common Law. We set a bad example of independence for their brave new world. Our own governments have been complicit.

  9. GV, great to have your as ever erudite take, thank you. I just wonder if the British/English populations will ever wake up? My only hope is we'll do a "Battle of Britain" again but I see little to make me optimistic.

  10. Sadly, once the older generations die out only the youngsters, mostly a Labour state-educated generation, will comprise the mass of society. No wonder they're readying the water cannon, tear-gas, tasers and rubber bullets. Let's hope the whole thing implodes on our watch, before it affects our children too much.

    How is Mrs OR's garden? Any pics of green shoots for the blog?

  11. Hi, GV, don't be too disparaging, we still have some excellent kids around.
    Garden dormant but there are new projects under way. 4 rose pillars in the orchard, a moon gate planned and the final terrace garden trellis work to go in. All expected to support more planting and colour. Watch this space!
    Also massive work on cottage with three new windows and fascia refurbishments.