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Sunday, 4 December 2011


Far Reaching Tentacles.

Sometimes the feeling of aloof commentary and personal effort, to point out the dreadful political goings on, plus the fearful consequences of their incompetence gets ever more difficult. Ask Goodnight Vienna, who has withdrawn from the arena. Sadly. 

I frequently muse on the personal consequences of railing against the juggernaut of ever encroaching State control. Then from time to time the more direct consequences hit home. Saturday morning I received this missive.

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Can't you just smell the collusion with interfering, Gestapo like secret police? I did wonder if my justifiable reluctance and success in not filling out the highly intrusive census form, prompted this latest nosey agenda? I wonder if other census wary people have had the same. I also recall the mad suggestion my generation should forfeit out homes to cope with the pathetic mass immigration policies, designed to Balkanise The UK.

My God but genocide seems ever closer. What a duplicitous piece of work. I suppose the agency involved will be "friends" of the contract office placing it. Sickening. A rancid and sickly letter reflecting the same secretive real thinking behind such manoeuvres. 

Then this very morning I read the financial sections of The Times and began to realise how terribly personal the whole nasty, invasive and malignant EU is getting. I sometimes despair of  Richard North's  relentless gloom but cannot gainsay it. Not when the two issues I am blogging on today are so personally illustrative of the catastrophic developments towards a new World Order of Orwellian nightmare nature. The victims of which are lined up to be the white, Northern European middle classes, in the main.

I hope the first matter resonates, the second is this. My Wife's parents retired to Spain just over 5 years since. Their sterling pensions have been decimated by the euro debacle and now the Spanish economy is so destitute their wealth is an obvious target for pillage. Whatever the Merkelites come up with it will be those whose frugal and tough lives allowed them a comfortable retirement. Unlike the bloated and opulent upper echelons of The Civil Service and their Brussels co-conspirators, we poor mugs have little if any defence against their grasping need to fund their unproductive dictatorship of control. 

To prove my point just listen to Osborne's reaction to the whispers in his ear. A massive boost to infrastructure spending fuelled by pension funds. Sure, tax payers will pump enormous profits back into the providers of this largesse. Any mistakes, of course, will be met by the pension holders, not the Companies.
 How come? Well, Snotty Brown's clumsy destruction of tax relief on pension fund dividends caused not a dent in those companies' power and riches. This is  Worth  repeating, I suggest. Not nice being mugs, is it. 

So all I can say is this. Richard and many, many other bloggers must keep writing and blogging. It's not much. Still, if all we do is show we understand the nastiness, the grotesque malignancy of it all, perhaps in years to come our contributions will be used as a warning for the next replacement World Order which will follow this one's eventual demise, in decades, or even centuries, hence. 

Meanwhile, whenever you can find time to see what is being done, to stifle your life and future, at least think about it. Spread the word and make some sort of stand, no matter how small. Anything is better than nothing, in the walk to the gas chambers.


  1. Don't pay in to a pension, they're pretty much all scams. Does anyone really think that these pension companies give a hoot about your retirement fund? Of course they don't, but you can be sure that someone, somewhere is getting very rich from your input - it just aint you!

    Buy, gold or silver, property or land - this is what the rich do. Get rid of all your debts and - apart from a mortgage - take on no more.

    As for saving, right now it's pointless. You really are better off putting it in a hole in the ground rather than letting the banks gamble further with it.

    Avoid buying things that incur VAT.

    Starve the beast.


  2. David, I make the best fist of all you say but my generation was relatively secure when things were run within the UK by non-socialist thieves. You know, the ones who have taken over the World as puppets of the mega rich. Mandleson and Bliar perfect examples. Taught well by their EU masters. As is now the case with Clegg, Huhne, Cameron, Osborne and so forth.

  3. It gets worse by the minute. That "survey" stinks to high heavens. I wouldn't fill out any of that crap. It's probably a scam, so they commandeer your house for the "common good" and install a smelly family of scummy immigrants into it, and You're living under a bridge.

    The police state marches on. I know out here, it doesn't do much good to own property, and those who are able should sell as soon as possible and just rent a while, until the dust settles.

  4. It really is as you say, Bunni. I'm amazed how little response I have got, however, for such a dreadful piece of Council rubbish!

  5. Our tenancy is about to be handed to a big Housing Association next year, they sent a wee form round asking about who lives here, date of birth, any disabilities etc.

    They also wanted everyone's NI numbers?

    For why?

    I put a score through the boxes and the "new" housing officer left sans NI numbers.

  6. Anon, I suggest there is a grand plan to billet the hordes expected to enter the UK over the coming years. Mostly Turks, no doubt!

    Liked your response to the snoopers.