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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Lumpen Leftie Labour's Fear.

 Their Failures Won't Be Mirrored.

After 13 years of Labour's most competent capability, screwing The UK into the ground, they have one unimaginable fear. A haunting dread not even that paedophile master of the dark arts can assuage.  It is the possibility, growing by the day, that The UK might just be on the mend.

The Humpty Dumpty shattered body, post the falling off the Labour wall of debt creation, might be still very battered and bruised. The shattered ovum may yet be void of a yolk of recovery but hey, just maybe the first flickering of life is showing.  Hope springs eternal.

Now this scenario not only scares Labour. Our self-righteous, pompous prick, Cleggy, has regular meetings with Peado Pete, aka Lord (sic) Mandleson. Now these two are staunch allies. Both seek ever higher EU Office. Both are steeped in the idea of a place at the top table of the Fourth Reich. The UK tires them. Their grotesque belief in the new World Order, as their model for their own valediction, is a mightily shared obsession.

One of the joyous elements, for sickeningly arrogant and egotistical delusional believers in an EU super power, is it's unaccountability. Like all despots they crave freedom from inspection and the possibility of discovery. Their fears are accentuated by National examination far more so than that within a supra-national environment and bed of corruption that is Brussels.

Mandy's Brazilian adventures are more easily enjoyed from the relative anonymity of a Brussels based coterie of like minded and invisible cabals. Cleggy meanwhile adores Mandy as a mentor capable of teaching him how to become more powerful than his weak and easily led character might otherwise allow.

Now Sodom and Gomorrah, doom and Armageddon are the perceived paths to glory for the EU types such as my two very unpleasant individuals. Testicles and Nasal Ed are minnows. Their brief sojourn through the piss stained corridors of Dobbin rider Snotty has seen to that.  Labour are becoming seen as the joke they always hid. Coalition is seemingly the way to go so they are thinking in the Mandy mansion.

Unfortunately the UK and its people are moving a tad to the right. Cameron, though a Europhile, has tasted popularity via a dubious and stage managed resistance to the juggernaut, running out of the fuel of credibility, that is the EU. Obummer is in well deserved "Emperor with no clothes territory". Europe is bust financially and philosophically and now seen as a drag anchor on the UK and the World. 

So much is slowly coming right in more ways than one and that's disastrous for the Left and its now discredited EU. Should the UK start to move ahead economically, (the signs are good),  then the  Merkozy alliance will be compromised. Already Cameron is looking a better way for Germany than Sarkozy and his bankrupt France, fear writ large in this. 

So, Christmas 2011 may be a lot happier than predicted. Less consumerism and more realistic understanding of the left's proclivity for destruction, may well put Humpty back together again. If it also ruins Mandelson's flirtation, arrogance and delusion, let alone his new friendship with Cleggy, all the better. Time will tell!

By the way, in their talks over the guacamole, Mandy tells Cleggy he can make him PM in a Labour coalition. Cleggy's youthful adoration of his supreme mentor makes him believe it! What a pair of has beens.

Strewth, I post this then see this. Mandy talks to Cleggy more than Ballsup, as suggested!


  1. "Labour - credible optimists".

    You read it here first. :)

  2. Foolish optimism, methinks! Well pray fervently!