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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Large Stocks Of Formaldehyde.

For The Eventual Embalming.

"Nick Clegg has insisted that the UK "still has influence" over the EU's competitive agenda, and that it is "significant" that Britain has been granted observer status at the meetings for the new EU financial accord."

They can observe all they like. It's still an embalming process. How long it will take is the only question remaining to be answered. As that Canadian wannabe cook used to say, "Let's look at the evidence".

Fishing  industry is a good place to begin. How thrilled and grateful we are being allowed to fish a meagre bit of our waters. A once mighty activity beloved of island races now controlled by mainland and limited coastline bullies. Utter madness. 

madness  paling into insignificance when set against the collapse of the eurozone. Sure we are told to fear this Armageddon but trawler men could bring vessels out of mothballs for starters!

There is also the centuries old antagonism, often born of covetousness and jealousy, as ever.

As for the regulatory costs of the mad hatters' tea party, beloved of theMerkozy Duo , say no more, just weep
Well, we all know what a rotten cadaver the EU is. So all we have "to observe" Cleggy, is the embalming process. With any luck it will be completed before my own kicks in!


  1. In Scotland we apparently have been graciously granted the EU benevolence (or is that malevolence) of some 'extra' catch quotas - but to be completed in less time .... four days per fortnight. This in the face of visiting Spanish and French fish markets where the majority of the staggering amount of fish on sale is of Scottish waters origin - discuss? I frequently visit the far north west coast of Scotland where numerous Spanish, French and Dutch lorries transport enormous quanties of fish on a daily basis to their continental markets. I wonder how much of this is replicated in the English waters?

  2. discuss?

    It's the "new" occupation of a Dictator's sheep in wolves clothing. Many thousands , if not hundreds of thousands of them. Fish stocks are not threatened by Spanish and EU factory ship theft, only by centuries of National trawler conservation success through the preservation of livelihoods. Unlike today where Global corporate rape and pillage is acceptable, domestic sense and decency trampled over. God help us.

  3. They won't be happy until they steal every scrap of fish, meat, bread, eggs, milk etc from us, and keep for themselves. God Help us indeed!

    Merry Christmas OR, to you & yours.