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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Is This Where We Are meant To Go?

Weep, Agonise, Fear, Work, 

The BBC have shown the most remarkable and slavish sycophancy to this Communist forced hero worship fest. Not one question as to the way millions of people seem to look, feel, behave and toe the line like automatons and lifeless, soulless creatures. As one they appear devoid of individuality and under the most chilling control.

A further aspect to all this is the dynasty factor. Not one jot of criticism that this family is no different to historic Royalty throughout history. At least the ancestors of European dynasties were known to have risked their lives in battle to create their estates and power.

In the modern world this is done surreptitiously through agents and military might is kept to a minimum, publicly. Their torture chambers are not open to public view. This North Korean model reminds me of why I loathe The EU so much. I really don't consider its behaviour, secrecy and lack of accountability and democracy much different.

All I see is a growing insidious loss of freedom that can only end in the North Korean model. Since trade and social interaction are incompatible with the dictatorial demands of coercion, where else is it meant to go?

 Schools are already subject to false history celebrated at a no cost spared  hall of propaganda. Economies are as wrecked by profligate, grandoise schemes as that of North Korea. No one questions how North Korea can afford these "State" funerals just as, despite the austerity washing over us all, The EU blithely sucks what's left of our wealth from us.

Wealth not just in economic terms but basic humanities and freedoms. My only solace is that the trailer trash of The West might well deserve a  totalitarian existence. Unfortunately there are many who deserve better. So they, the prudent, the intelligent, the lovers of freedom will be the losers.

Just as Pol Pot murdered these blessed, more fortunate professional and decent people, so I see the future becoming. Am I being too pessimistic?  I see little reason to believe otherwise.


  1. This little dictator is over the top. I could see other dictators out here (who will not be named) doing the same thing hee hee.

    Check this out, it's funny, I might make a few myself.