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Monday, 12 December 2011

Is This The Last Time?

I'll Post On Snotty?

I suppose one should have a degree of Christian pity for the man. However that's a tough call for me, let alone the many millions whose lives, pensions and savings the cretin has destroyed. Of course his weak, tortured soul is still allowed to be miserable in the comfort his political shenanigans allow him to profit from regardless of the monumental failure he has been.

Just like his sycophantic friends, the secret service cover ups to hide his absences, late at night, from Downing street and the legion of Labour beneficiaries of his largesse with other peoples' money, this whole panoply of disgusting nastiness are doing very nicety thank you.  

So the publication of the RBS report today is telling it loud and clear how Brown and his coterie of amateur mates like Fatso Prescott and Nancy Boy Bliar screwed us royally. As I approach a scary Birthday, too old to recover the vast sums lost by this lot, I can only manage a wry smile that hopefully their mental but not physical states, are possibly uncomfortable. 

Not much solace, though, for the wrecking of our economy and the desperate hardship and anguish tearing relationships apart and soaking many, many people in a drenching of anxiety and stress. The only terrible mystery is how do we continue to allow it to happen. Snotty may be history but Merkel and Sarkozy plus many others are still raping and pillaging, not just our minuscule leftovers but future generations' too.

So as the season of goodwill approaches I can only refrain from writing how I really feel about the atrocious state of the collapsing West's economy and the major players who have so needlessly presided over it with not one jot of decent ability and consideration for all sections of society. After all the poor need the better off and successful far more than the reverse. 

Is that not so, Labour? Or can you really do absolutely everything all by your not so very good selves? After all you gave us 13 years of hell and damnation and probably two of the most wicked and incompetent shits ever to hold office.


  1. nothings changed then..., oh well..

  2. I'm afraid your application to join the Gordon Brown Appreciation Society has just been rejected.

  3. What is scary is that Blair and Brown etc. saw themselves as following in the footsteps of Fred Goodwin in the way they ran things.

  4. Jan M, not yet but just maybe.... Joe, hah, long time past. Demetrius, says such a lot, doesn't it. Of course the Sir Humphreys are the real "Freds" of our Government abject failures.