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Friday, 9 December 2011

Is It What It Seems?


Smoke and mirrors. I liked very much this link sent to me from Clarinda. Here the magnitude of events is placed in a rather chilly context. if you think hard about Rompuy's grand palace you might question a link there. What all despots do!

At first glance Boy Dave has discovered that sought by Sam. He's talking tough but why? Is it the corporate banking conglomerates or is it a façade, smoke and mirrors, to put we little people off the scent? Whatever the situation it can take months, even years, if ever, to determine the subterfuge and scams being concocted. 

As with the ERM nonsense, that dragged on until digging the grave by those destined to be placed in it became an option too far. The "elite" idiots then are so fully reflected in the goings on today. One thing I am detecting in all this is the growing understanding, in very many quarters, that the euro and its federal twin sibling are just a much larger re-enactment of the early nineties in The UK.

Should I be correct in all this, the future is bright and hopefully not a sodding blue blob of non-entity that would be a Rompuy Palace. 

Furthermore the ridiculous belief that consumerism is all that matters is being tamed a little. Suddenly food on the table is becoming a priority again, rather than unused X boxes and rubbish games for would be grown ups. Trying to bake and eat plastic crap is an ask too far for even the dimmest corporate or Government chief!

So back to today. The tooing and froing is getting hilarious.Whatever the outcome or the seriousness of the economic fallout the sooner the farce is ended and the theatre of Brussels wound up the better. We can all go home!


  1. This is very entertaining, I saw a clip on our news and it made me think that iDave got a spinal infusion of some bone matter, but it probably won't last long.

    I hope it does, maybe you all can ditch the stinky EUUUUU once and for all.

  2. Bunni, a good old USA/UK joint drive forward looks feasible, as opposed to the risible Merkozy magic and conjuring tricks to rule! It's like 1940 all over again.