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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Here We Bloody Go Again.

Huhne Seizes The Mantle Of A Hoon Among Hoons.

"Huhne was born in an affluent section of west London to businessman Peter Paul-Huhne and amateur actress, Ann Muray, who had been the voice of  the speaking clock. He was educated at the fee-paying Westminster school. His family name was Paul-Huhne and he was known all through his school years as Christopher Paul-Huhne. At Oxford, he simplified his name to "Chris Huhne"Such privilege begetting such spawn!

It's taken me well over a year to be moved to hatred at the idiocy of any of the present clowns arrogant enough to presume superiority over us all. Disaffection sure. Disappointment certainly. Despair at the incompetence and mindless obedience to their Civil Service and EU masters, of course. Yet only now has the rage, the anger, the violent reaction to any of them blown this morning.

As he prepares to pompously lecture us all on his Quixote rubbish this morning, let's survey all that this little, mindless., spoilt, privileged, girl on girl action adulterer, car criminal point scoring arse is choosing to ignore. 

Onetwo, three  from a Google first page search on "global warming arguments against". Almost 33 million pages Mr Paul-Huhne, you cloth eared cretinous piece of unmentionable DNA. That's before we even think, for one second, of the poverty, painful starvation and hypothermia you and your oh so comfortable pals are hell bent on visiting on all those less fortunate than your clique of above the law, bastards to common sense.

You arrogantly and with unmitigated pomposity speak not only for your servants and slaves, your "little people" of today but for generations to come. You know the future. You know how those, yet to be born, will adapt, evolve strategies and acclimatise to whatever change their future world challenges them to.

Well I have a very well researched educated guess that one of the things future generations will bemoan is "who was so, FFS, stupid and pathetic as to erect billions of pounds worth of bird slaughter blades, eye sores and grotesque monuments to corporate scam perfectionists?" I can see huge mirth, even barely suppressed guffaws in class rooms of the future. That's assuming they exist and not have been scrapped to pay for Paul-Huhne's hubris. The laughter will be at side by side comparisons of how windmills of the early centuries were scrapped for more reliable milling processes only to be resurrected by crooks to dupe their countrymen and women. 

The joke considered, these future citizens will move on to the tragic consequences. The economic wastelands engineered by a powerful few against the many. The stupidity of windmills will be added to the carbon joke science, by then understood through proper debate and questioning science. The many deaths caused will be, to these historians, as the great plague was to my generation. They will wonder in awe at how mindless, tunnel visioned and so utterly useless we were.

All that thinking of how the future should pan out ignores the possibility, of course, that we still exist as a species on this planet. If the King of Hoons, Lord of Banality and Prince of Confidence Tricksters' ignorance prevails, we may well not have a creature remaining to remember all this ghastly period in the history of mankind. Funny how their take on climate promises everlasting perfection, when there's is far more likely to create the poverty and Armageddon claimed for being sceptical!

Mr Paul-Huhne you are a loathsome, unpleasant, ignorant man. You are devoid of any intellectual prowess and little more than a typical product of a society that believes education equals intelligence. Dumb, immune from hardship and a star and great man in your own mind. Only you have the answers. Like other despotic madmen you think the end justifies whatever killing in necessary. Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung , Stalin, Hitler and every other murdering thug in history used more obviously brutal fear and repression. You just consider your sublime, pompous, selfish and arrogant nastiness a cut above. Well I hope those dying at the hand of your ridiculous, clown outfit of climate change colours, come back to haunt you. 

Were justice to be done you would be imprisoned for the coercion applied to your poor Wife. Like Al Capone, serve a sentence for a far lesser crime than the sadistic murders you really are guilty of. Sadly I doubt even the actual motoring offence, we all know you are guilty of because it's so like you to lay blame elsewhere, will go to court. Our only hope must lie in the possibility you had a few, hopefully very long, sleepless nights, when the truth of your lack of character may have been paraded before your own eyes.

One last thought, ever bothered to visit these documents, Huhne? (I can't bring myself to add any title other than Minister for Hoons)  Proper debate.  Probably not. They do require a degree of intelligence to follow. Best rely on your minders, dear boy. After all they are the ones offering the goody bags, aren't they?



  1. No idea what you are talking about, but my suspicions are that it is to do with some AGW scare. Anyone who believes that anything coming out of the UEA regarding the IPCC and global warming cannot be discussed and held up for scrutiny has to be an absolute and total... well, I was going to say "prick", but thay do have a use in life, if only to piss out of. DO NOT dismiss critics as "sceptics" - ALL true scientists are sceptics, particularly about their own work; naturally, they would like any scrutiny to find no faults, but also revel in others finding fault, so that their research may improve, and lead to better things for all.


  2. It took you a year? Christ, OR, it took me about an hour and a half. Actually that's not true - I hated them even when Labour were ruining things.

  3. Well try google. AE, I have always been an optimist. As terrible as the Cobbleition are they are true gods compared to Labour.

  4. Can't you all just camp at westminster-abbey?

  5. I regard my blog as an encampment for protest, Mr M. Westminster Abbey it aint!

  6. "It's taken me well over a year to be moved to hatred at the idiocy of any of the present clowns......."

    As AE mentions - you really are too tolerant of our politicians OR.

  7. My God! This picture is even worse than that "thing" you had the other day.

  8. Joe, I'm a failed optimist. Michael, glad you are moved!