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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Grubby Traitors.

With Grubby Money And Zero Morality.

If the day were ever to come when we, the British people, have a say in our affairs, then this should be rebuilt at the entrance to Westminster or Downing Street. I wouldn't care which. The occupants of Number 10 throughout my lifetime have been little more than the head Freds of treacherous activity in Westminster.

I was going to post on last night's programme on the utter hubristic, incompetent arrogance of Fred Goodwin and his greedy stewardship of other people's life savings. Throughout that programme I watched the story unfold as if plucked from my blog and those of so many others whose observations and warnings fell on deaf ears. Warnings buried under the tons of unfathomable doublespeak and bastardised English to disguise the pile of excrement being shovelled over all and sundry.

Where any dissent was murmured by, the rare as rocking horse manure, MPs or advisers less treacherous, it was airily dismissed by an arrogant, sneering bunch of crooks. As we watched with hindsight these gangsters being, themselves, trussed up by others, we could see the outright and dishonest behaviour writ large.

Well, now we see the forecasts for such outcomes within the EU and it's a carbon copy of the RBS scandal. The only difference is the bloody numbers. Our Government, (sic) is selling us for far less than you or I would sell a rotting corpse. All this smarmy, mealy mouthed, lie infested, platitudinous, self interest, electioneering drivel spouted, has now come home to roost.

What they do not stop to consider is that, as with RBS, the scale of their monumental and greedy cock ups is now becoming obvious to even the lowest Neanderthal dragging their knuckles along our pavements. We relatively literate, would be whistle blowers, are too few in numbers to change anything. However when the beasts of the human jungle get angry and hungry watch out.

That English version of Snotty is no less a creature to despise than Gorgon. Indeed the latter might well be marginally pitied. This product of centuries of weak, interbred misogynistic and convenient liaisons has not one redeeming feature.

As "Toffy Dave" struts the Shakespearian stage,  his sole raison d'etre is just like Bliar's. Somehow he believes The EU offers a magnificent prize. A USA style Presidency and immortal legacy as the first holder of a newly created great office of state. That or blackmail at the level Bush used against Bliar. We've been here many times.  Just like Bliar, whatever the carrot, we get the stick and the yolk of enslavement. 

Toffy and his decades of old Civil Service  fifth columnists, dating back to before Heath are all Fred Goodwin related buffoons. All our yesterdays, including 13 years of idiocy perpetrated by the likes of fatso Lord of The Pies,  have one thing in common. We are being shafted by people not fit to call themselves British.  Our very lives are being stolen and traded on the black market (pun intended) that is The EU dream of a circus audience. An audience already being forced to jump to the ring masters whip. The only difference is that the clowns in the ring and their ringmasters are the stuff of nightmares. 

Cameron, you are as bad a human being as it's possible to be. Your lies and secrets may be unknown but their existence still marks you as less than decent. My loathing of your ilk does not get even close to the anger. 
I can live with your betrayal of today, not your betrayal of yesterday. A yesterday which, too, was packed with treaties and their broken promises.


  1. It's getting more depressing by the day. Calling Cameron a traitor isn't rhetoric. He really is a traitor. He's a total disgrace.

  2. I appreciate the support, Michael.

  3. Justifiably coruscating, OR.

  4. Thank goodness for blogs, we can see what's really happening.
    I despair, I feel like doing a "Jeremy Clarkson" on Cameron and the whole ruddy lot of them.
    There's a good posting by Maryann Synon on the Mail site, worth reading.

  5. Hello, Jan, yes an excellent piece. Thank goodness for some real journalism!