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Friday, 23 December 2011

Germany Setting Up To leave.

Could be Excellent News.

This Guardian piece came across my reading today. Of the significant dislike of inflationary behaviour comes also this wonderful description of how people should live their lives. It is the exact opposite to that which has been conjured up by the greed and stupidity of corporatised politics.

"If you are really looking for an underlying cultural reason for contemporary German fiscal politics, a protestant work ethic that sees debt as morally wrong, a tradition of manufacturing feeding a distrust of anything that seems "conjured up" out of thin air and a strong middle-class belief in living within your means are more important factors than a single historical event, however traumatic it might have been." 

Note the wording. "Middle class", "living within your means", "debt as morally wrong". Such is the manner of global financial activity of the last 20 years that these desperately important factors have been cast aside. Furthermore politicians, particularly socialists and the pathetic lefties, have derided these basic and sensible creeds. 

In order to promote an EUSSR State,  they, the EU elite, have borrowed the enormous liabilities of their club members to fund their own burgeoning demand and need, to feed the dragon of political and bureaucratic hubris. This model was and remains designed around a blueprint fused together from The USA Corporate model and that of the old USSR. Banks and financiers allowed to do anything they liked to further the myth of European invincibility and haste to become a global State power.

If the German people stay steadfast in the manner Jochen Hung depicts, there can be no further involvement in this failed and dreadful experiment.The way forward will revert to leading by example, not diktat. The brilliance of the German manufacturing history should be the dominant and aspirational lead to those countries unable to thrive in the mechanisms forced upon them.

The time when Greek automobiles are as good as German vehicles will be the time when they can genuinely become a strong nation economically. If that is beyond them then so is becoming an economy capable of having the same currency as the Northern European Nations. If ever a stark message were given that the euro is finished, it is in this article. The sooner it is replaced with the morality and common sense given, the sooner the World's economies will once more flourish.

Whilst Brussels stumbles blindly on dragging us all down with it the more the German savings and prudence will suffer. Time to bring back the Deutschmark, dismantle Brussels and for all of us to get back to earning our way, not mortgaging an ever distant future. Let's hope it's not too late.



  1. And there was the BBC spending all day Wednesday hurraying the deal whereby our leaders lent hundreds of European banks hundreds of billions of Euros, at low interest, which do not exist as though this was some sort of economic miracle.
    No wonder the prudent Germans are pissed off.

  2. Yep, banned has it here OR - to TPTB's disgust ordinary people don't want to be in debt and are horrified by what is going on to keep the bankers and their political/media cronies in their lifestyles.

    And, of course, TPTB are busily stirring up hatred now between young and old because the old know what real poverty is; the old have worked hard for stability and independence in their lives - anathema to the traitors in our midst.

  3. Hi, Banned, magic stuff that is the Achilles heel of The EU, people with a brain! As for those TPTB, BJ, losing the plot. They're lucky it's peaceful so far!