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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Does Anybody Know................

What's Going On?

As another weekend comes round I look back on what seems to have been a "ground hog" week yet again. The Middle East remains a cauldron of hatred and potential war, as ever. America appears rudderless, with a President who's spent three years looking over his shoulder and neglecting to observe the juggernauts of economic and global turmoil hurtling towards him. How quickly his rhetoric went out of tune. Indeed of all the nations on Earth only two seem to have any semblance of sense.

My generation will know, more than any other, that the powerful stability of China and Russia is a bitter irony when set against the wasted decades, post the second world war. In those years the West squandered billions fighting a cold war totally unneccessarily. The link also underlines my thoughts about the continued failure of leadership and competence in our ruling classes.

This aimlessness has now come to a point where it is a deep, insoluble and incurable malaise. At the heart of it all lies the dreadful and pointless European Union. Here we have another weekend of erstwhile despots flapping about like freshly landed fish. Cameron is wetting himself over "Treaty change" language. No doubt a special group has been set up by Sir Humphreys to dream up gobbledygook language as to why a referendum won't be required in The UK. Merkel is trying too dragoon her own people into paying to rescue the euro. Failing miserably to explain that it's just not possible to do so when Spain goes belly up. 

Iraq remains a tinderbox, Afghanistan is mired in endless war and totally corrupt, Syria is a mess. The list goes on and on. Yet we remain inadequate and powerless to influence anything. The UK Embassy is sacked in Tehran so we retaliate by breaking off contact and sending their diplomats back to Iran. FFS, how's that meant to enhance diplomacy?

Somebody needs to get a grip. We are no longer a super power and no longer an economic powerhouse. A real leader would get us out of the EU, permit shale gas extraction, stop mass immigration, pull out of Afghanistan and start running the United Kingdom instead of trying to run the sodding world. My wish list could see us back into prosperity in a couple of years. 

As for The Sir Humphreys, sack the lot of them, bring in fresh and less expensive replacements and get on with what Government is for. Managing our affairs first and foremost. Better still follow Clarkson's advice but start with the upper echelons first! You see, all of this needs leadership and I just can't see from whence it can come!


  1. Flabby listlessness has been the default position of European politicians for decades, why should they care once a term in office gets them a big fat pension (and another one from the EU)?

  2. Exactly but we need to keep at them as long as we can, Banned. (never here)!

  3. We need somebody to take charge from Cameron. The man is spineless cretin who puts the rest of the world before his own country.

  4. Sue, I suspect he, like so many of them, has an agenda we are just not allowed to determine. The only thing for sure is the quality of our nation is long gone.

  5. All this Euro distraction hoohah makes me wonder what they're really up to, OR.

  6. Indeed, BS, the behind closed doors such as favoured by Belusconi?

  7. The omnipotent Obama has seen to it that the whole world has been declared a "battlefield" so that no one, anywhere, for any reason, is out of the reach of his dogs of war.
    Coupled with the recently pased NDAA (93 - 7 in the Senate) - anyone, anywhere, for no reason can be detained, without charge indefinitely.
    What a place the world has become.
    Mea culpa.