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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Continuing On.

From Yesterday.

I blogged yesterday on the need for Labour to quash any optimism that might begin to appear in the economy and The Country. Today I wish to just point out how far we have come since the swathes of destruction wreaked by Nose Picker Brown, Bliar and their inadequates.

We see that the tiny bit of independence left from European Dictatorship puts us in much better shape than the euro debacle. Indeed I suggest that euro and EU breakup is being factored into global markets and finance.

The UK's borrowing monthly needs have fallen three months in a row. Consumers are not piling ever more debt onto debt. Even where a choice might be available to do so. Retail might suffer in the short term but profit genuinely from a better spending regime from saved, real money, not plastic debt disguised so well by the banks.

Of course the World is always in turmoil. Overcrowded, full of despotic regimes and wars. Nevertheless, as we get older we learn that it was ever thus. Sure don't just accept matters but don't let the doom and gloom win. Naturally socialism doesn't "do" well being and self-reliance in anything. So why would they want a less guilty population devoid of fear. That is a harder crowd than the miserable one to control. Perhaps that's why they loathe the right and aspirational beings!

I would urge anyone to take stock right now and see that this austerity is paying back debt. Not just economic but philosophical debt. Christmas with less greed. A Christmas without the stifling beloved of Labour Governments. Yup, it might well be the best Christmas anyone ever expected. If the new year sees the collapse of the euro and subsequent demise of The EUSSR, then "Joy to the world" will ring out loud and clear! Works for me!


  1. Well put Rightie!

    Enjoying the mighty Rightie blog more and more.

    Wishing you a splendid Christmas and new should prove to be an interesting one!

  2. gau8, your generosity is overwhelming, thank you!
    As you say, 2012 will be very interesting.