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Saturday, 24 December 2011


Today's Useage.

Useage is reportedly an old fashioned way of spelling. I employ it purposely for this muse. Like so very much in modern life, the past and its traditions have been discarded in favour of a new world of modernity and technology.

As part of this rejection, of what is past, is a fervent passion for corporate and political power to replace belief in something better. Or dare I say more honest and decent. Christmas is possibly the most significant point in the year when faith, in better ways of living, is traduced by those who would convince us of their superiority.

Blogging and tweeting embraces the mantra of secular disregard for any teaching or faith. At least any that fails to fit this concept of greed, arrogance and blind stupidity. It is therefore incredibly ironic that this festive celebration of a Prophet's birth  and teaching of so much good, is trampled so readily and at times viciously in the dirt.

Many scream that religion is the cause of much conflict and war. A ridiculous argument. A bullet doesn'r kill unless fired by a desire for its discharge. For me, Christianity is only flawed in its impossible demands for goodness from all of us. That pursuit of its desirability as a code for co-existence I find irrefutable. Sadly few ever live up to its teachings, decency or morality.

Of those most culpable in hijacking religion, be they Muslim, Christian or any other faith are politicians, tribes and sects which all manage to forget the way it should be, in their demand for it to be their prerogatives first. It follows from this, that missionary work is as bad as war, where it seeks to cajole and pressure, rather than set example.

So, on this Christmas Eve, Oldrightie wishes to say I have faith in goodness and in whatever source from which it arises and is derived. To call it God is as good as anything. On that basis belief in Christ as the Son of God seems OK. Certainly he's a better candidate than any other known figure, to be seen as the son of goodness.

So let's hope that all the evil and corruption that sickens our existence has at least one day off in its intensity. On that note I wish anyone passing by a happy and peaceful Christmas, should they be worthy of such a greeting. I doubt any politician will be included. At least one still alive! Nor, probably myself!!!!!1


  1. A Happy Christmas to you OR.

    Thanks for the wisdom you have passed on over the last year, maybe, just maybe things will get a little better.
    May your God be with you.

  2. NewsBoyCap, what a very flattering comment. I thank you most sincerely and wish you, too, a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year.

  3. Merry Christmas to all in the Rightie household.

  4. Have a nice Christmas OR - eat, drink, and be merry - and come back fighting.

  5. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Rightie!

    It would be nice if the horrid people could be nice for one day of the year, but I fear they will just rachet it up.

    I will be enjoying myself, and so will Kitteh, she is happy to dress up in her Santa hat and celebrate her first Christmas in the Bunni Hutch, so things are getting better! Have a nice port and roast beef on us ;-)

  6. A post that lifted my spirits, OR. A Happy Christmas to you and Mrs OR.

  7. Hope is precious - it may be fragile but it sustains. I'm not so sure about faith and I do my best to be charitable. Thank you for your perceptive and straight-talking blog - and so, a happy Christmas, a great Hogmanay and, it is hoped, a good New Year.

  8. Well said, dear boy. Merry Christmas.

  9. Thank you all so very, very much. Happy Christmas and a blessed New Year from Oldrightie!