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Monday, 5 December 2011

Behind It All.

What really Goes On?

This small but important article sparked one of my regular muses as to the state of it all. In the turmoil of human activity it never fails to surprise me how much goes on we never hear about.

Our Chatterati witter on endlessly pretending they have  an inquisitive insight to everything. Most of the time they marry sensationalist fiction with insatiable demand to sell copy. Most of the time they fail dismally. This fantasy land of spun media, therefore, continues to act as a perfect smokescreen for those who would not govern us but subjugate us.

We read of endless summits, meetings and jaw jaw jamborees but the real core of machinations, lies and control freakery gets ever further from sight and from truth. Whatever the relationship between the poison dwarf and the Stalinesque personality of Merkel we may never know. At least not until they go the way of Snotty and Bliar. What we do know is their whispering behind closed doors is directed and choreographed by powerful influences we can but imagine.

For certain the secretive forces behind the banks despicable bail out, their crookedness, the paying billions of future taxes to a privileged handful of failed executives, is a cartel of underhand, dark and malign characters of Satanic issue.

Anyone who think the sediment of secrecy, we never get to swirl in the bottle, is unimportant, only needs to look long and hard at the picture above. That's where human cycles always end. They used to be more confined, national or local atrocities. Along with commerce and trade they have become global in their ferocity and dictatorial weapon of fear to suppress dissent.

From the streets of Athens, the Egyptian and Syrian murders by so called police, to the riots in London. The tragedy of Iraq and the attempted subjugation of Afghanistan, one thing links all these troubles. A passionate desire for a world government. A psychopathic passion for control and the assuaging of interminable greed.

The only way this New World Order can succeed is to utilise the one thing most Governments are locked into as a tool for their needs. Fear. Be it "climate change", economic meltdown, deprivation or austerity, fear is the weapon of choice. A weapon, if you like, of mass destruction. The destruction of national identities, cultures and resistance. Strange how close it all is to the desire of Islam to rule the world!


  1. Re this and the previous item. The model for all this seems to be the former Enron company of Texas. They raided all the funds to speculate to become all powerful.

  2. Hi, Demetrius. When Enron's ponzi scheme collapsed it prevented further losses being set on unsuspecting dupes. So with the EU, why not the same?