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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

With Thanks To Clarinda.

Let Loose The Dogs Of War.

Clarinda kindly pointed me in the direction of this fascinating location, yesterday evening. Not alarmist  just a factual discussion putting the madness of our failed politicos in perspective.

I have, as have many bloggers do, looked at the manner in which history repeats itself. Repetition seemingly ever more disastrous and costly than its predecessors. So, fresh from the ghastly mess made of defending Libyan civilians, still enmeshed in carnage in Iraq and stuck in the quicksands of Afghanistan, it seems a much bigger bang is determined necessary.

If we add to the cocktail of nuclear experimentation, the poverty of the West's playful idiocy, through the corporate globalisation of politics, the mix looks terrifyingly prescient of the 1930s. A scene being replayed. Just a rearranging of the major actors on a different casting couch, seems all that is required.

I must not let my rhetoric get in the way of the linked article. Just let me ask this question. If you read that link  can you truthfully say you do not not believe "they" are daft enough? After all, as I mentioned to Clarinda, 150 billion barrels of oil reserves might be considered cheap at the price! 

Plus Sarkozy thinks little of Israel anyway. So he'd side with Iran and use our Navy, now indebted to the amphibian leg munchers. The Germans would provide the beer  and bockwurst and "sweat shop labour" the shrouds.  Win win I suppose.

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