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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

We Thought Snotty Was Bonkers.

Seems It Was Infectious.

Utterly meaningless and quite insane figures are bandied about these days. They are just figments of mad, futile and frankly stupid politicians and their fantasy riddled brain cells. The handful they are able to muster between they and their erstwhile, highly but overpaid advisers and civil servants. Just look at the beginning of the piece, "the European Financial Stability Facility has failed to attract the €1tn sought by leaders.". This unimaginable sum is called a shortfall!

Well, if you compare this"shortfall" to their own incapable and pathetic navigation then and only then might the diminutive apply. In the real world one trillion, by conventional numerology is  explained here but still impossible to comprehend. 687 miles thick in dollar bills! Surely that's impossible to be a shortfall?

Well, Snotty seemed to think that if you somehow got all the good people to spend on credit, trillions would flow into the Governing coffers. You could paper walls, soak up oceans and never, ever leave office. You could bask in all that reflected glory from consumerism, growth, fame and a terrific legacy. You could vanquish all your insecurities and wreak revenge on all your perceived enemies.

Compare this thought processing, by Snotty, to the clowns in the current circus ring of Global disaster this very day. The wringing of hands that a trillion dollars has failed to materialise. Little thought as to what these vast sums are supposed to represent. That is, work needed to produce trade for surplus, food and shelter for the masses.

Instead, in these warped minds of greed, shallowness and trillion dollar hubris, these numbers, these untold riches represent their own vanity. It's as if the bigger their offices and temples, the grater their self-worth. No thought has been given to the fundamentals. The simple truths that so many understand but cretins choose to ignore.

One of these truths is overpopulation chasing too few resources. Management of peoples and their needs can only work at a relatively local level. Smaller parcels of understandable issues and cultures. Sharing, not conflict, understanding, based on experience of and in depth knowledge of areas, villages, personalities and needs.

The drive for Global Government and huge regional control centres has caused the collapse of Western economies. All aided and abetted by politicians in thrall to Mammon and demanding we all have the same selfish passion for greed, regardless of time or place. That the UK Government is now desperate to force feed consumer spending through ever more debt commitment is a perfect example of more of the same.  

The total failure of Government to realise that two major things have happened. Neighbours have watched each other pile up enormous debt. Bigger houses, better cars, flashier life styles. Those with a modicum of sense have long since weaned themselves off plastic fantastic. Those unable to kick the habit are now destitute, or at least credit strapped and broke. So many, many people don't want or else cannot get credit. Both parties turning their backs on false consumerism. Pay as you go, if you can, or do without as of necessity.

If Governments and The EU charlatans realised that an alternative to consumer stupidity is wanted, then plan A makes much more sense. Of course the Sir Humphreys have already tweaked the propaganda back to consumer led recovery talk. It's as stupid as Labours' idiocy in creating the nightmare, meant to be a Utopian dream. 

I listen to these statements, such  we can expect today and question, "Have they learnt absolutely nothing". I suspect most if not all, happy to read this blog, will know the answer. It certainly is not more of the same borrowing disease. The same solution is as valid in German as it is in French or Italian. Stop bloody spending what you haven't got. There are millions who never had the choice anyway. 

As for the numbers, a trillion for now. As the madmen get ever more addled they'll soon trot out quadrillion, before melting into excrement as they grapple with quindecillion!


  1. Yes OR - the one thing that these clowns want is for us to go out and get ourselves into more debt.

    It never occurs to them to stop wasting our bloody money - or is reducing us to complete poverty what they have in mind for their own devious purposes.

  2. I bet my trillion is bigger than your trillion seems to be be basis for EU discussions.

  3. BJ we cannot fathom the motives of mad people, can we?
    Demetrius, if they start saying "Our quadrillion fund will save us all" everybody will thing it's a new EU health and safety initiative and think all is tickety boo!

  4. Lovely picture! I'm going to have nightmares now.

  5. Michael, just drape your bed in the EU flag and all will be fine!