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Monday, 14 November 2011

We Really Did Tell Them So!

Some Time Ago.

Sense, whatever the purpose, from Boris. Leg Iron commented on this blog back in May last year, well worth a visit.. Absolutely spot on, as is Boris's piece today.

Sometimes our feelings about individuals and the very fact they are politicians can cloud our judgement of the veracity of their words. In this instance, with Boris, I consider that such a possibility will exist but we should be grateful for such mainstream exposure.

He's not alone. The blazing two and a half pages of broadsheet spread, in yesterday's Sunday Times Review was amazing. At last the foolishness of The EU Federal and monetary debacle is being broadcast loud and clear. So should it be.

Naturally the war will be fought big and dirty by the federalists. We are approaching a civil war of EU States. So far it is one of financial attrition and economic casualties as vast as those experienced in the mud of The Somme. So far not yet as bloody. The howitzer employed by these erstwhile dictators, against their people, is the usual modern propaganda of fear. The death of the euro and the break up of The EU would be catastrophic goes the meme. Britain's exports would suffer, the world would end.

Well, banks and self interest might well suffer. The grotesque New World Order, ordained by the Bilderberger elite, might get damaged. We might even have years of low growth, austerity and living within our means!

What if the luxury life styles, banquets, private jets and palaces to vanity were not available to the very architects of the mess? What if the political classes had to produce results or lose their perks and pensions. Well, we can't have any of that, can we? So the EU and their debased joke of a euro will limp on. Why? because it is their fig leaf. Lose it and we will observe that Merkel hasn't a merkin worthy of being exposed! Sarkozy a weeny as tiny as his ego is massive. As for the rest, no fig leaf, no honour!

Isn't it so funny to watch the antics of these twits. They are desperate for growth. How can that happen. They encouraged and allowed fraudulent banking casinos, led their citizens to spend, spend, spend on credit and laid waste thrift and common sense. Suddenly they want to go back to a sensible environment. Well, not for themselves and their big, fat, bloated EU corpulent structures to stupidity, but you and I.

So they want us to spend money we no longer have and magic away the credit card debt they allowed to blossom. The only cash in the attic left are pension funds and savings. They are eyeing those most covetously and not so covertly, any more. "Instead, Mr Osborne is relying on money sitting idle in private sector pension funds and insurance schemes.",  discussed here.   They robbed us of our taxes  now they want the shrouds off our backs. Despicable and nasty people. The EU is very much not fit for purpose. I hope I live long enough to smile at its demise. For sure it is happening.

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