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Sunday, 27 November 2011

A Sunday Essay. (not too long)


The automatic response to what is freedom usually involves the triggering of it's antithesis, slavery. As ever, concepts and debate then explode into a myriad of semantics and ideas as to what is slavery or indeed what is freedom.

For me such debates are better equated to metaphysical connotations, which, by definition, explore beyond the more mundane existence of reality as we know it. For me human experiences and the reactions to them vary so much that I find it impossible to reach agreement even as to where discussion might begin.

Many of us are only too aware of the conventional history of people trafficking, or slavery, to give it it's historic name. However the modern trade in human beings remains a canker on modern life. Not least in the West. Undoubtedly the shameful and poorly addressed sex trade is a scandal too well customised to be heavily fought against. Worthy attempts are made to prompt action but mostly fall on deaf ears. Throughout Africa in particular but world wide this overt and direct maltreatment, violent, often misogynous nastiness is rife.

However my desire in this post is to move from the direct and individually imposed enslavement to a broader issue of human beings per se. As the World gets ever more populated the need for central governance is trumpeted. Politicians and corporations unite in their demand for influence over peoples. They are determined that such dominance, by a select, all knowing few, is the model to be followed and created. Their Bible, even if they are not aware of it, is Orwell's 1984.

It is hugely ironic to observe the Arab Spring and the "Occupy" movements' developments. Not all positive actions but still behaviour not anticipated by the New World Order architects. Their policies of fear, be it climate change, economic collapse or Armageddon have not been as effective as they hoped.

In addition to all this machination by the Bilderberger chosen few, is the dawning realisation that politics today is about the enslavement and control of everyone but a golden handful. Many of these few have legions of wannabes and sycophants of course. All to be found in boardrooms or, Whitehall like, bureaucratic centres. Always based  in Capital cities. Ergo large populated metropolitan areas.

These serried ranks of obedient window lickers are possibly the more dangerous of the would be Slave masters. Their security, from the fate to be bestowed on the masses, reflects the hierarchy of the awfulness discussed in this book and dramatically shown on page 152. That particular page, indeed the book, is chilling in it's relevance to my post.

So are we heading for a future wherebye the ideology of enslavement comes to fruition as the only way to harness the ever burgeoning human existence? If we consider the European Union and its methods of control we can but say yes. Here is a model for which The USA and the mighty powers of China and Russia can stand back and observe their own successes being used to form an otherwise rebellious passion for freedom. What better example than this of the suffocation of the masses.

One of the weaker elements of this Orwellian goal is of course education. If children are allowed total freedom they will mature into adults less likely to accept even a privileged position in the pecking order. A sense of injustice and powerful morality is a by product of a good education. It also is something which matures with age, as morality grows into wisdom.

Well, that's already being taken care of. The USSR was renowned for "getting" them young. So is and was China. As for The EU developing this model, it's  writ large. This initiative, like so many in The EU, is announced only when much of the secretive ground work has been laid.

 When seeking to control mass bodies of humans, I refer again to  page 152. By importing, transporting and distributing large numbers of varied migration, you bring about disorientation of both endemic populations and the alien mix. Animal nature, that is also part of homo- sapiens' mentality, is that of home, security and  roots. Migrating species are a prime example of an instinctive need to spawn or breed in the same place as their own birth! A sense of belonging in humans that evolved into tribal allegiances and passion for shared experiences and understanding. A place to call home, even.

Is it therefore by design or, for the Commissar controllers, serendipity, that family break up and dispersal, coupled with mass migration policies, are combining to reduce the passion for freedom? My suggestion, touched on here is that it is more likely design. The dye seems well and truly cast. One that will forge a huge crucible for the containment of future generations. Only one choice will be allowed. Lackey or slave.

At first glance this is a socialist Utopia. Everyone corralled into a constant equality of obedience to a single, philosophical  master. One so all powerful as to order life or death. I suppose the left and their Union fund managers  are confident that their future will be as elite bosses or at worst, lackies. They may well be correct. Unless of course there were a mass uprising! That, I'm afraid, only time will tell.


  1. Good post. Some points.

    Orwell was a socialist, yes, but he hated the British left as they just wanted to get in power and when there just stay there. Screwing the working classes all the time. So please don't blame the messenger!

    Indeed yes we are slaves given that tax freedom day is 56% into the start of the year So the workers of this country are slaves for most of their lives.

  2. Thank you anon. Orwell was indeed my kind of socialist! As for our slavery, we are indeed a long way down the path to ever worse conditions.

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