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Sunday, 20 November 2011


War Versus The NHS.

Selective Government always chooses war over austerity, any day. As we enter the latter half of the eleventh year in Afghanistan, the pursuit of war is never for one moment costed. Meanwhile back in The UK the war on decent health services goes on.

This piece pre-dates another one in today's Sunday Times. The constant juggling that is NHS funding remains a nightmare, whilst the machinations to go to war always seem relatively straightforward.

I suppose the maxim gun syndrome has no peacetime or NHS equivalent. We can arm both sides of a conflict, paying for one set of armaments from the spare profits of the sales to the other side. The ease with which the Wootton Bassett  moving tributes to our fallen soldiers was removed, is another case in point. Where there's a will there's a way.

Of course that will to do something has to be covered in "Yes Minister" obfuscation and delay. Or pure economics and political scheming. Meanwhile cancer patients die and ministers turn their backs on £3 million pound machines. Three million, I ask you? At a time when these self same morons are propping up a political disaster in Europe valued at untold trillions. They continue to hurl many millions at a Parliament which remains steeped in corruption and an Upper House willing to embrace its own felons, such as Uddin, regardless of the hundreds of thousands of pounds wasted or stolen through fraudulent expense claims. Blatantly held fast and refused to be returned.

Naturally, were Lansley, or any other of the mindless and privileged we must endure, be prepared to club together, we could easily fund such machines throughout the land. Windbag Kinnock martyrs himself by giving away his two hundred quid or so fuel allowance, Mirren bleats the same sob story. In truth these parasites could all have a whip round, add a few bob from Bliar and Kiddyfiddler Mandy's Libyan funds and problem solved!

Then, of course we could go cap in hand to the high and mighty Huhne hoon. "Look here, Sir", we could say, "your climate change, CO2 shite policy could actually buy us all the cyber knife machines we need, reduce energy bills for the poor and make our Country a much better place. Our own resident Greek tells you your Quixote edifices are junk". Ten years on we might get a response such as "Oh dear, I wasn't very good, was I?",  from a luxurious paradise far away from the wreck of the UK he and his fellow imbeciles leaves behind.


  1. NHS net expenditure has increased from £40.201 billion in 1999/2000 to a projected £105.9bn for 2011/12. The majority of the increase in spending is due to higher pay. For example we have the highest paid GPs in the developed world. For this higher pay we get the worst 5 year cancer survival rates in Western Europe and the worst survival rate from a stroke in the developed world. From 2009 : [UK] GPs have an average salary of £106,000, earning 60 per cent more than those in France where the health system performs better than the NHS on most criteria.

    Britain is failing on strokes, dentistry and hospital beds... while paying GPs more than any other developed country

    Read more:

  2. Anon, we just do not have a leader in sight who could sweep all the socialist awfulness aside overnight.

  3. Another magnificent post, and absolutly true. I could weep as I read it knowing that we all suffer from this ghastly political class.

  4. Football club doctor check out a players knee with the latest technology, which is not expensive, quickly and easily. What is odder is all the people old and young hobbling about unable to be referred for similar checks because the local hospital only does old fashioned X Rays which tell less than half the story.

  5. Aaarrggghh, missing from the top "It is very odd to see a" Oops.

  6. War is the only thing they care about.
    The health care out here is fast becoming the NHS, OR!

    The Medicare and Medicade doctors of the Soc. Security Assn....better known as SS, have now been told to process anything quickly, and review charts however, because SO MANY people are applying to go on disability. What could possible go wrong with dermatologists reviewing benefits charts of heart patients????