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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Piss Poor Policy Or...............

A Machiavellian Plot?

It is becoming more and more impossible to fathom this dreadful crisis and the manner of its creation, together with the paucity of political expertise to solve it. I consider it to be one or other of that posed in the blog headings.

Now it can be a combination of both. A strategy to drive a federal ambition, with a core German-French axis becoming the largest beneficiaries. Indeed if we consider the billions poured into the French economy via the CAP and the untold billions into Western Germany prior to unification, we get a glimmer of where some of the EU's wealth has been targeted.

Now in order to fund the unification of Germany  they demanded a similar EU package to that of the post war Marshall plan. This was not too obviously forthcoming so they went it alone. German discipline and hard work allowed them to fund this gargantuan project and now they are once again the powerhouse of Europe.

Now if Merkel has seduced Sarkozy into her vision for a Federal European Axis, the World's dominant economies have failed to be enamoured. Whilst this policy was unfolding other problems throughout the world were emerging to counter this rather isolationist federal goal.

So, whether a Machiavellian plot or poor policy implementation, it looks very sick this morning. Despite Merkel stuffing Greece with an EU puppet and austerity and it's potential bloodbath, she is trying the same tactic with Italy. Ironic how first the Italian Government of the 1930s, through Mussolini, went into bed with Hitler, only to be caught "in flagrante" and now an identical political and economic fraternisation has created a similar modern scenario.

I heard a comment earlier this very morning that only Germany has the financial clout to rescue the euro. That suits Merkel's fourth Reich ambitions perfectly. I doubt the economic war thundering around her girded loins is as welcome to the The German people as it is to she. If that proves to be the case then the euro really is finished. Then, instead of a charitable marshal plan being devised for the euro bailout, the outcome will be an almighty and very powerful German economy. One able to fuel Europe with a genuine dynamism, earnt not borrowed. Wealth through trade and a true policy of leadership by example.

Were such a scenario to evolve, the once mighty edifices of The EU, such as it's palatial offices and parliaments, would be sold to genuine enterprise. The membership costs of this weird club that is The EU would go back into servicing the indebted countries' own needs and sanity might be restored. Along the way millions of EU bureaucrats would have to find work elsewhere. 

Many EU pensions for grace and favour would be withdrawn from the likes of The Kinnocks and Mandlesons. The genuine workers of this monstrous organisation could have their pensions transferred to their own countries funded from the no longer required membership fees and mysterious lost billions. This, in my humble view, is a solution that can be managed through genuine policy and will or forced through the imminent collapse of the project anyway.

Should you have bothered to read this post and think it the outpourings of an ignorant old fart, take heed of the MSM discussions today. Many now talk of a much smaller  European Union. I suggest a western growth of territory by Germany. A new federal States of Alsace has a ring to it! After all the French are well practised in capitulation to the Germans, are they not?


  1. " After all the French are well practised in capitulation to the Germans, are they not? "

    and both the French (via Napoleon and gang) AND the Germans (via first the Kaiser, then Hitler and gangs) are well practised in capitulation to the British.

    Do we have to do it again? I'm game.

    Mad Morgan.

  2. Its looking a bit like back to Charlemagne. The real trouble started after he went to heaven, or thereabouts.

  3. I doubt this lot will ever get to heaven, Demetrius!

  4. I think you're near enough in your ramblings but I think that the French don't figure in the Fat Lady's plans. At least, not as co-rulers of a shrunken eurozone.

    Expect the French to go the way of the Greeks and Italians as soon as the Italian banks start to fall.

    Then the currency of the Neu EuroReich will be the Deutschmark and all that that implies.

    I mean, no-one really thought the Bundesbank was running the printing presses for crisp, new DMs with a view to leaving Europe to get on with it's implosion did they?

    Did they?!!

  5. "German discipline and hard work allowed them to fund this gargantuan project and now they are once again the powerhouse of Europe."

    But why can't we be like this? Germany was practically a waste land after the war - now look at it.

  6. Xen, I expect France to be given to Germany as a small present at Christmas. Michael we used to be like that then we imported so many people we were overwhelmed.