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Tuesday, 8 November 2011


The Bane Of Politics.

There was a time when I considered the affairs of human beings to be relatively well governed. That hubris and arrogance would be quickly found out and given the "Gaddafi" treatment. Yet when I think that took circa four decades, my confidence went South.

So I mused further. How important is character and ability, humility and philanthropy? Potentially very, I reckon. So now all we need to do is consider the varying qualities of our leaders and make reasoned judgement as to their fitness for office.

Let's look at the group above. The Chinese track record of population abuse isn't too secure is it? The Russians aren't exactly kind uncles except when it suits. As for Western European leaders. A bunch of self serving, grasping, power crazy narcissists. Probably, since the late sixties, qualities essential in their cut throat, ambitious selfishness. To suggest Jack Kennedy was possibly the last potentially great leader doesn'y say much either.

What saddens me most, however is that the paucity of character in these individuals does not prevent billions being spent on their image and retention of power. These lot today embrace the cult of celebrity and waste our best brains in the employment of intellectual skill. Employed for purely propaganda purposes and the advertising of clothes, not worn, but sold as luxurious finery, shielding their nakedness. Their vanity is that of the clinically obese chav, decked in cheap body paint and deluded as to their attraction and status.

I return to my constantly held belief. Career politicians and failed bureaucrats run the world. Their lack of competence is all around us. If they took a few years off we would all find ourselves in a much better place. I dare them to shut up and be quiet. Observe how well everything can run when left to its own devices and natural evolving, led by those wishing to give back to others, in the spirit of ageing wisdom, gained from a successful life.


  1. If the photo is the "Hi de Hi!" then who is doing the "Ho de Ho"?

  2. I just wish there was a "power" above them. Someone - or something - that could give them a good kicking on our behalf.

  3. "Observe how well everything can run when left to its own devices"

    Belgium has now had no proper government for (if my counting is correct) 513 days...

  4. Sure, MD and look at this!

  5. Demetrius, they're doing both calls as smugly as the other. Michael, there is. It's us! We just don't get the chance to prove it. Yet. The Libyans eventually did.