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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

One of "them".

Klaus Regling.

This is the guy presently holding The EU's begging bowl out to China on our behalf. Well in truth, the stupidity of his mates in The EU cabal's requirements. Interestingly the Chinese are regarding it more as a poison chalice than a bowl!  Looking for a very long spoon!

Are these people cloned? A track record  in bureaucratic economics, interspersed with a brief spell as  a hedge fund manager. Now an untouchable and beyond any law. Probably to become part of the infamous ESM. The detail of this affront to the human race is linked as shown.

Despite decades of scholarly warnings about this federal desire by those most to benefit, the same old moulds are recast year after year. The very pathetic creatures who have got us into this cess pit of debt, on a scale only global conflict will resolve, continue there blind dogmatic mantras.

Even as it's all collapsing they carry on. Cleggy, Weakling Dave,  et al, follow the same disastrous rule book beloved of the Civil Service morons, with a passion to dominate the Globe from behind the scenes. Well, guys, faceless or not, it's getting ever closer when you might be called upon to answer for your criminal pursuit of power and influence. Can't come soon enough for me. Trouble is it may be in the form of The Chinese Army asking for their embezzled money back. Asking politely but with as much venom as the Mafioso who have not the man power to tackle NATO!


  1. They have all lost control so either things will remain out of control for some time or someone will get their hands on the steering wheel. So who? None of that lot so why not someone from The East?

  2. It's coming to something when we're expecting/hoping the Chinese will save us from our corrupt and stupid politicians.

  3. Demetrius, the Eastern promise might be the lesser of two evils! Michael, they execute corrupt officials in China so not all bad!