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Monday, 28 November 2011

The latest madness.

Creative Accounting.

I always hoped Osborne was mad(e) of decent stuff but today he dredges up the ghost of Snotty. Those expressions in the picture above could be Snotty having told the youngster "You should check out pension fund cash. I did my best to nick it but still they clung to huge amounts of the stuff."

This "presentation" tomorrow will be a Mandarin inspired, carefully crafted, raid on pensions. The EU has long coveted this thrift in the UK. It has always allowed the sensible middle classes, together with housing equity, to not have to fall on the burden of the young and the grasping State, in later years. Mind you they have been forced into becoming the "Bank of Mum and Dad."

Any funds or savings in pensions is meant to be for the future. Unlike the State pension stupidity, they were not expected to be drawn on until retirement and the "pot" belonged, in the main, to the pensioner. Of course billions were and are creamed off by commissions and tax but still money earnt remained available.

This hare brained scheme to fund infrastructure will be yet another confidence trick. The usual Sir Humphrey sleight of hand to mug the poor bloody idiots and their previous passion for saving for old age. What in essence this underhand action will mean is that these funds will be all but nationalised. The hordes of immigrant benefit grabbers, coupled with the endemic underclass will have shiny trains to vomit and piss in and on, new houses to tear to pieces or use as communal bogs.

We are broke, bust, buggered senseless by decades of stop go socialism and conflicts of ideologies. Not one Government since the war has had any agenda but spend, spend, spend. On top of that we pour billions into an even worse, if possible, unelected central control freakery beyond imagination. This is no plan B. It's a return to PFI. Pissing F***up Interference in other peoples' lives and savings. If the little runt had cojones he would have held his ground, taken a double dip and bolstered thrift for the future.

Typical modern politician, clueless, weak and not a testicle between them. Hateful, stupid mongs.


  1. Have you read Carswell on how the Coalition have continued Brown's policies?

  2. Yes and now drip feeding the remainder, Demetrius.

  3. Thieving cunts, the lot of them. They never stop thinking up ways of making our lives a misery. I do hope we'll see Justice (however rough) done against these scumbags one day soon now.

  4. Welcome, DD. Hard not to feel exactly the same, buddy.