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Saturday, 12 November 2011

I've Just Stopped laughing!.

With Despair.

Over the time doing this blog I have often mused as to The New World Order's design and ambition. The horrific future of mankind looks ever more apparent as the ability of peoples to influence their and their heirs future diminishes.

This comes up today. From which I quote this delicious phrase from our Muslim brother, Obummer. "with the main initiative from Obama being the creation of a Pacific free-trade zone." You wouldn't immediately relate or connect Obummer with Bummer Ted, Traitor, Heath , would you?

Now since the unrest and riots in Greece are said to be still reflecting 80% of Greeks wishing to remain in the eurozone; Berlusconi is about to slap the Italians very hard then bunga off as for all others but himself, austerity will reign supreme; Cameron is on the brink of a major euro joining campaign for the UK, (only way to save our economy crap, will be the theme, the softening up is already visible), you start to see a pattern emerging of a global federal Union, as predicted by their blueprint document, Orwell's 1984. Superb synopsis here.

All I can manage to say is from this piece. It is hard to argue against as The EU's destruction of democracy in Greece and Italy is so successful, Obummer has begun his quest for a controlling stake in "Eastasia" with exactly the same lies used in Europe!

Dominant Philosophy.

 In 1984, George Orwell warns of the terrifying dangers that man may (is creating) create for himself in his quest for a utopian society.  It warns that people might believe (are believing) that everyone must become slaves to the government in order to have an orderly society, but at the expense of the freedom of the people.

Where did Orwell get it wrong? Probably just the date. It looks more like 2084 to be complete. At the ripe old age of 130 plus by then, I should care! I do.


  1. The EU isn't the only "Geo political" organisation. I used to hear "ASEAN" talked about regularly back in the 80's when I listened to Radio Australia's shortwave service.

    From Wikipedia ; "The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, commonly abbreviated ASEAN is a geo-political and economic organization"

    "Its aims include the acceleration of economic growth, social progress, cultural development among its members, the protection of regional peace and stability, and to provide opportunities for member countries to discuss differences peacefully."

    Sound familiar?

  2. Very familiar and very chilling, MD.

  3. Every time that muzzie maniac jets off on another trip w/his hag cow in two, swanning around with world "leaders", you KNOW that NO GOOD will follow!

    It is becoming exactly like 1984. Hopefully we'll all be dead by then, but if the jerk gets re-elected, it might happen in just a few years! Very chilling, indeed.

  4. You never know, AB we may yet triumph!