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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Irony Begets Fear.

Fear Begets Power.

Greek no voter being persuaded.

As is the case with many bloggers my stance on current affairs and politics is often ridiculed. Associating modern German EU ambition with 1930s Nazi coveting, is one. However it is hinted at in this piece. I will add climate change and AGW scaremongering to this specific manner in which going against "officialdom" is deemed the domain of nutters. Indeed the "official" attitude to blogging is that it's in itself deemed derogatory. One very large, jug eared pot!

However the sudden announcement of a Greek referendum was surely not just some whim? Furthermore the decades of partition and the cost of re-unification rankled many Germans. I suspect chief amongst them, Merkel's merkin. If we go with Sloggy then this image and suspicion does not look so unlikely. She's already played the "trouble and strife" card. Back to the politics of fear normally more subtle than that little foot stamp of Merkel's.

Now if we agree that there is much afoot and The Frogs are at the centre of machinations, the Greek entry into the eurozone suddenly looks very Trojan Horse. How's that for irony. The target all along was to put the Amphibian limb eaters in the dock! If we sprinkle a dash of Germanic angst at their drubbing in the last War things really start to get deja vu! Odd the G20 is in France just now!

So the final irony is that we are hurtling towards disagreements, huge financial losses at State level and a dreadful bout of recriminations and political posturings. Now we've seen this throughout history and war has been the end result. Since this whole Federal European project was ostensibly about stamping war out of the European remit, the precarious nature of today's failures look ever more sinister. The American Civil war, obviously, was never factored into this EU ambition. Nor the genocide of the indigenous North  Americans that was necessary to create that Federal colonisation.

This breakdown and descent into violence now pervading the EU has been nervously forecast by we "nutters" ever since it was mooted that a common market was never the real agenda.One giant stands out as very prescient. Those lies foisted on The UK and elsewhere, aided and abetted by the likes of Mincing Heath and gay Gordon, are not history. They are now, as the repercussions of financial collapse, either brought about by Machiavellian design or utter incompetence, coming back to haunt us. A fact about lies that is as true today as it ever has been.

To close this post I would add how strange the parallel with the thirties happens to be. A UK Government and PM desperate to be a major player in Europe, playing both ends against the middle to quell dissent and failing on all counts to make any impact. Only yesterday was Cameron lampooned, waving a piece of paper!

When this becomes mainstream media then we really are witnessing momentous events!


  1. One very important point missing from your otherwise excellent post.
    The New World Order is waiting fully booted and spurred, in the wings,to step in and make everything better.

  2. Anon, I suspect your gist is a NWA. The A standing for Army!