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Monday, 7 November 2011

IMF or EU Banker?

Lines Becoming Very Blurred.

Seen here talking about Sarkozy's weeny, the best I can offer about this powerful woman is she is a lot more stylish than Baroness Ashton. My anxiety kicks in when I realise she is a rampant Europhile, with vested interests heavily wrapped up in The EU's affairs. As is always the case with modern day political hierarchical types, she's also some dubious links with her wealth and good fortune. "On August 3, 2011, a French court ordered an investigation into Christine Lagarde's role in a €285 million arbitration deal in favour of Bernard Tapie"

So after a fruitless begging trip to China, last week, by Regling, of the European bailout fund, this Lady is in Russia today on what appears to be a similar mission. Now since our pathetic political enslaved minions in so called Government are looking to find £40 billion quid to bung this IMF crowd, I find the whole set up rather smelly. 

A passionate and financial beneficiary of The EU's corrupt practices, Ms Lagarde whimpers that the IMF is not there to bail out the sinking Titanic that is The EU. Yet her very bone marrow is jelly from that Institutionalised factory of financial dark deeds and corruption. Whilst wandering the Globe do these people ever get asked by their erstwhile benefactors why the EU accounts have never been signed off in the last   sixteen years ?

If it is desired that a single fact be offered as to the EU's decrepit finances and the contagion spread round the World, derived from that sickness, surely this scandalous matter is it. As to whingeing how it's all Greece's fault, or Ireland, Spain, Portugal or Italy, I consider such political posturing ridiculous. 

If The European Union's base criminality is never discussed what hope is there for ever getting the World back on its feet? I would suggest that all this headless chicken activity should be directed at winding up the EU Mafia, jailing the architects of this gangster cartel and all those politicians and Commissioners party to it all. Never mind paying the likes of  Mandy  and Kinnocks huge pensions to shut them up. Remember Kinnock's appointment to investigate EU corrupt practices? Like asking an alcoholic to baby sit a bottle of 100 year malt whisky. If the rest of The World were to look long and hard at this mess we just might see some of the crooks locked up. 

A short list would include Merkel, Sarkozy, Barroso and Rompuy from the present crop. Historically take your pick. Crooks the lot of them.


  1. What would be interesting is just how much some people have been had as pay, expenses and pensions over the last decade or so. I start the bidding at £1 million each.