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Saturday, 26 November 2011

How They Do It Part 2!

Obummer Bests Bliar And Kiddyfiddler.

Yet another investigation  unlikely to go anywhere. However it may well be added to the instruction manual for future despots as those tomes always need updating. I suspect the Bush/Bliar, Mandleson/Deripasky procedures for ripping off the planet are in need of an overhaul.

Of course such overhauls never mean that ill gotten gains such as a £5 million pound luxury London house or a £30 million pound Libyan stolen oil revenue purchased property portfolio, get returned. These investigations, when they occur, are just a signal to the political/corporate gangsters to implement better methods to hide their loot.

So when pondering the state of the world and human condition, do not despair. If you get to be invited into the inner circle and if you can carry the saintly mantle of positive discrimination, be lauded as the saviour of black people the planet over, have, a more than hinted of, crescent badge of supreme holiness, trust me, you get to write all the new rules.

Indeed you could produce a whole new operating manual. How about calling it "The Rape and Pillage of Poor White Folk." In order to balance up the manual you could have a forward written by a Bilderberger, with a heading based on a sub-title, "How we painted the modern face of greed and corruption". You know, one day they could just bypass all pretence and crap and place a big picture on the cover!

Image borrowed from  this similar post  and better researched argument!


  1. This creepy crook has his filthy fingers in more dirty dealers than ANYONE in recent memory. That shit eating grin on his ugly mug really makes me want to vomit.

    I hope that something comes of all these investigations, but I doubt it. Just keep praying that he's kicked to the curb in Nov. 2012, or Lord knows what will be next!

  2. Hi, Bunni. I thought of you when I posted that pic!

  3. Wotcha Rightie!

    As Bunni says really.
    I'm loving the latest batch of emails from the CRU...we're putting them into a corner slowly but surely...only thing that really worries me is the apparent successfulness of the monsterous brainwashing of our youngsters.

    Keep up the great work Rightie!

  4. gau8, with the support of the likes of you the blog is a delight to do! No lefties pop by, I wonder why?!