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Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Grip Tightens.

On EU Media.

I often rant about the EU grip on the European media. Though relatively known in The UK and led by the Pravda BBC, it seems European media in general is in awe of their masters. How many people outside Spain know of their election tomorrow? How many articles like this do we get? Just look at the RT front page headlines 2,3 and 4 featured there.

Even the daily fail murmur their criticisms and shock horror in a sort of "well nothing will be done about it." It's as if there is some sort of war of attrition and obfuscation. We know of course of the amount being spent but little of the way it's doled out. Well apart from this little tit bit.

Then we have this little, gem  "Find out which media outlet can be relied upon to report the EU line favourably, and then bribe the reporters of those outlets with freebies, or offer the outlets bribes which you can describe as loans or grants. Then feed these EU outlets with the EU line so that they then will disseminate it in a favourable manner, and will not allow inconvenient questions to arise, or will ignore those questions as being the outpourings of a ranting Xenophobic association of misfits."

Now when you consider all of this Goebbels like carrying on, is it any wonder that the mess tumbling around us  and the failure of our media to shout loud and clear these despots in Europe have no clothes, is such a scandal? Before long any real men left, to protest the EU's ghastly nature, will have to do so in a soprano voice. Mixed voice choirs will be a thing of the past.


  1. You might be the only one using the term -- xenophobic -- in an oppropriate context.