Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Glimmer Of Hope?

An "Observer" Old Trout Marmalised!

Whilst getting ready for some early God bothering I came across this snippet, beauty and the beast. You judge which was which!

The real hope was the manner in which Beauty clobbered so completely the leftie, miserable, worshipper of testicle eater Harperson. The world and life can be very shitty for many people. If perfection and beauty can be displayed, rather than this terrible genuflection to chip on the shoulder, ugly characters, people who have, for too long, dominated our TVs and our political and social interaction, then life would be a lot less bloody miserable.

The pursuit of excellence and the understanding of competition, rather than the pathetic "prizes for all" and the cult of promoting disadvantage as a badge of honour, is a joke. Okay, so for those of us ageing or less well blessed than others, so what. It was ever thus and always will be.

All the hand wringing of socialist dogma that we are all equal, is nonsense. The aged are weaker than the young but often wiser. Every life can have purpose but only as an individual existence. Not a collective Chatterati convention, gathered to worship ordinariness. The very dull ordinary greed of those purporting to be socialists has got us nowhere, has it?

So, who should we most respect and wish to watch and listen to? The lovely and intelligent Emma, or the bitter, self-opinionated sour puss and flag waver for the Toynbee brigade? No brainer, I'd say!


  1. That fugly old bag is just jealous, because she couldn't win a beauty contest if all the contestants were hogs!
    If she wants all contests to be fair and to compete,
    she should start up a "ugliest hag on Earth" contest, and she'll win, hoofs down.

    What's wrong with some nice beauty contests?
    They are already dumbing everything down, not publishing their vital statistics, etc.

  2. Bunni is spot on, OR, it's always the jealous, ugly old Lefty bags who complain about contests like this - contests that they would never have, or have had, a hope in Hell of getting anywhere near, the pickled old hags!

  3. Hi, BS, funny how ugly women are lefties!