Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Monday, 21 November 2011


Or Is It?

Bloggers around the world, myself included, endeavour to put a more natural, ordinary slant on what we see in the news, exchange on blogs and so forth. To a certain extent and for little, if any, pecuniary ambition, try to bring to the awareness of others the state of our social and economic mess, as inhabitants of this quite glorious Planet.

In these efforts there is a degree of futility. When we look at the obnoxious developments that take place. When we see the paucity of intellect and leadership it all can become quite overwhelming. Troops and civilians dying unnecessarily in wars being fought over and over again, such as Afghanistan. 

Egotistical despots toppling in one place, encouraged in others. The two faced hypocrisy of the West. It's global corporate ambitions aided and abetted by a distinct lack of morality or decency. Above all else is the repetition of historic failures.

 Is The EU hell bent on subjugating a whole continent to this folly? You bet it is. Indeed continents. I cannot speak for ought else but my own experiences and observations of The UK's hoi poloi complicity in all this nonsense and grotesque nastiness. 

My own Herefordshire Council is as rotten to the core as it gets. Their mimicry of the wholesale greed they rub up against is pathetic. Apparently most lucrative for the pieces of silver they can garner in return for their embracement of moral turpitude. "If it's good enough for MPs then..........".

So my mood today, as I read Richard's and others' offerings, sponsored my post title. We have optimists, Princes of hope and very rebellious courage. For such as he, I am grateful. Sadly, Richard tends to be more accurate in his belief that we are powerless. Who to believe has the correct vision. My head says Richard, my heart, Captain Ranty.

There again I am a cautious optimist. After all, Snotty and Labour got a bloody nose. What if Saif gets to tell all! What if the EU continues to implode for lack of pride and real money! Could we see the back of Merkel  Obummer, Cleggy even? Then there's the new Mccafferty, Huhne. Why, even Boy Dave may be toppled and a real Britain take the helm. Why, even the Baggies won yesterday!

OK, this blogging isn't so bad after all. I feel so much better and thank anyone prepared to read and tolerate my puny efforts. Let's go get the bastards!


  1. OR,

    Thank you.

    Lying down was never on my list of options. We have been doing that for years and look where that got us.

    No. It's time to fight. My weapon of choice is the pen, but I can adapt, improvise, and overcome should the need arise.

    My loins are girded.


  2. Then so are mine, Captain. Time you got a promotion!

  3. You're right OR. It does feel like we're banging our heads against a wall sometimes but we can't give up. More and more people are turning to the blogs for news, they know they can't rely on the MSM anymore.

    It's in a Britons DNA to fight tyranny, we can't change that anymore than we can change our government at the moment!

  4. We just need to keep getting the message out there, OR, people are slowly catching on that our governments are undemocratic shite and something tells me that Lib/Lab/Con will be getting a well-deserved bloody nose at the next election.

  5. OR ... don't get me wrong ... I don't believe we are powerless. I seek to understand the enemy in order that I might more comprehensively defeat him, a core part of which is not to under-estimate him. We will win in the end.