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Friday, 18 November 2011

From Top To Bottom.

Of The Excreta Mountain.

This post gives you the calm précis of the EU constant, which is a big fat zero. So all I can manage today is a rant.

If you don't recognise the picture you soon are to be made familiar with such a structure. It is an open sewer. Not only does it represent our political and corporate operating environment and morality, it will be manifested, in this future planning stage, as a European wide Private Finance Initiative programme. Ergo we will pay for the privilege of living in such ghastly squalor.

We can forget the sacrifices of our efforts in war and peace. Our gargantuan tax liabilities and peacetime obedience to the Government propaganda machine. A machine that demands save one minute, spend the next. Did you pick up on the British Gas whine this week that we aren't burning enough because the weather is so mild? This time last year we were castigated for not shivering to bloody death. Of course some poor buggers did.

I am so sick and tired of being fed the Chatterati additional waste to this open sewer that is The EU and the New World Order, so praised by Snotty. The state we are in is political failure and corporate greed.A greed and failure exacerbated by banks playing both sides against the middle. The middle being the world's populations.

This weakling of a boy in Berlin today is an insult to the deaths of those killed, not just this week but over the centuries. Like his Labour predecessors, nothing more than a front man for schemes, though terribly stupid, have been agreed and WILL be implemented, regardless. 

The fact that these sewers are already full of their crap is not even noticed by the buffoons. Only if filth washes over the pristine habitats of the rich and powerful will these idiots even notice the stench. By then they will be rushing for the higher ground. I hope we get to stop them before we sink into the fatal lagoons that earlier were just, albeit awful, levadas.

I tweeted today, Cameron's idea that printing money is little more than thinking, that when afflicted with cholera like diarrhoea, all you require is a greater number of bog rolls.

Guess what, my little weakling, you and all of our political and capitalist failures at the top are the problem. We need a Government of NATIONAL unity. I see only one way of achieving it. I'm off to break up the piano.



  1. If printing money like Cameron thinks will solve all our problems, Zimbabwe would be the richest country in the world.
    The Irish puppet PM has been to Germany to get her permission to bring in more tax increases. I can see him been kept waiting for hours in some side room.

  2. Great post Rightie!

    I feel your anger. What I want, more than anything that Santa might bring me this Christmas, is the hope that I live long enough to witness full, unmerciful and glorious retribution.

    Good weekend fella.

  3. GS, great points. Gau8, many thanks. A great weekend to you as well.

  4. Shit worked in The Maze prison, maybe people should put their waste to good use instead of flushing it down the pan.
    A few handfuls in the right places and bingo.

  5. And I'm of to get the pitchfork...

  6. Anon, OK! Jan M, I do live in the farming areas!