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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Endless Blame game.


A very male, human trait is to always seek to place mishap or blame at the door of fate, someone else or even one's nearest and dearest. I'm terrible at this but very aware of it. So when I find myself screwing up or the apparent helpless victim of circumstance, I suffer more than others when I add guilt to the understanding of my poor acceptance of personal responsibility.

Many others never suffer this angst. They seek to blame others with gusto, aplomb and downright arrogance. Never, never do they make horrendous, damaging errors that affect, maim or spoil others lives. You can see where this is going, can't you? Those who seek power over others, control and personal wealth will not accept blame. No, this particular character strength is removed at birth or assumed in their upbringing.

That stance is taken or adopted regardless of background. Often heavily marked by the resentment of the socialist working man or the inadequacy of the effete and privileged born. Follow this argument and it gets to be quite important. Neither type will accept responsibility but would rather leap on the whirling merry go round regardless of risk.

So I give you a couple of examples. Take a moment to think of others if you will. Do not forget yourself, either. The last Labour Government is a prime example, indeed a collective of these egotistical human beings. Bliar and Snotty the vanguards of this behaviour. Only last Sunday Marr greased Bliar's something or other without any attempt to apportion the considerable blame for our current woes at the warmonger's door.

Above and beyond the politicians come the dark and malignant civil servants. I include the EU gang in this part of my musing. Now these shadowy asses have it cushy. They only give advice which is then publicly acted upon by their puppet political front men. In the past any blame or responsibility laid at their feet was unheard of.

If an odd politician with cojones dared to tackle or attempt to blame the (un) Civil Sir Humphreys those careers met a rapid termination. We are witnessing this right now with the abject failure of our Border Agency. If we stop and realise the UK is now required to follow EU diktat before Parliament's, we begin to understand another pony has been placed on the carousel and ridden by the Chief Secretaries only. A very large saddle to accommodate a gigantic blame game rider.

What, in all this, puzzles me is the following. Our own elected, well partly, Cobbleition has its very own blame game carousel. Cleggy says so and so. The Boy Dave something else. Huhne blames his missus whilst shagging somebody else. "I behave badly", says his type and so many others, "because you drove me to it."

Is it possible the unholy mess the Western economy is in really is the fault of politicians and bankers? If so and they took responsibility by handing back their ill gotten gains, might we progress? If those foolish Federal European fantasies and obvious failures were laid at the door of those perpetuating this stupidity, might that also improve things. Someone somewhere stand up. 

The gorgeous, unmitigated success of the present structure's leading light, Mrs merkin Merkel and her dwarf of stature, giant of narcissism, Sarky Frog could hold a joint press conference.

"Ladies and gentlemen, our Federal European Edifice is a monstrous mistake. We have f***d  up so phenomenally and stupidly, we blame only ourselves. The EU must be dismantled and a common market only put in its place. Less political meddling, lots of competition and to the victor the spoils. We are so sorry and take full blame for the mess. Thank you and goodbye!" 

PS. I wrote this before seeing Brodie Clark's humiliation this morning. I hope Mrs Testicle Banshee will take responsibility and blame for being utterly wrong!


  1. The Americans must be spitting feathers over the ease with which 'regime change' in Greece and Italy has occurred with a mere phonecall and wagging finger from Herr Merkel and her tame Fledermozy compared to the US preferred method of death and destruction. I am amazed that the Greek and Italian citizens have, so far, been so accepting of having their new unelected PMs parachuted in by the EU Massive.
    Is the EU working the notion that poverty deprives man of spirit to promote its self-interest of centralist creep.

  2. "Is the EU working the notion that poverty deprives man of spirit..."

    It only works for short periods. Well historically.