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Friday, 25 November 2011

Civil War.

In Disguise.

Right versus left, tribe against tribe, neighbour jealous of neighbour, spite and envy dominates much of the human condition. Since we share such a short time on this earth it is such a pity it is riven and wasted by pettiness.

In "modern" Britain and indeed much of The World, strife, dissatisfaction and even blind hatred rules. Now I am no fan of the political classes and their unholy alliances with corporate bullying that is so rife today. However the bloated, frequently unnecessary civil service is the latest weapon garnered by Trade Union bullies and their very distasteful leaders. As much as I dislike The Boy Dave's effete manner and poor leadership, I would rather his ilk have sway than the thugs that are the Union bosses. 

I well remember not joining a strike by Air traffic Controllers many years ago. When I saw the misery wrought on passengers and families I was glad I was not part of that behaviour beloved of Trade Union barons. The very same stubborn, chip on the shoulder, Labour funding political machine of class warfare. They destroyed manufacturing, ship building, the coal mines. Every time they take control of a work force they wreck the platform on which that employment stands.

The desire for conflict and confrontation is in Trade Union DNA. Any worthy cause or fair criticism of an employer is trampled by these dinosaurs in their rush to seize power via their Labour Party puppets and muppets. 

These idiots are as every bit a part of The EU machine as anybody. The creation of an EUSSR is a dream and ambition they strive for. In so many ways these cringe worthy playground thugs are standard bearers for such dominance. As ever these dreadful strikes, by a privileged workforce, now wholly dominated by neo-gangsters, is nothing less than a declaration of war on those of us who pay their wages. This is a civil war in all but name. 

Of course there are grievances. Yet the core problems at the heart of it all is that their very own band of circus clowns, led by mad man Snotty and grasping Bliar, who bankrupted us all. Confrontation and all but physical violent civil war is their mantra. Not for them such action when it might have threatened their placement Government. No, they reserve the heartbreak, danger and nastiness, for many innocent people and vulnerable children, for a political target they seek to overthrow. I hope they fail. I hope their members join the other  cast offs from the workforce Trade Unionism created ever since the 1950s.

In truth I see a dark future when these strikes turn ever uglier and civil war really does become a reality. I hope to be on the side of decency and honour. For sure it won't be the left or the Trade Union side.

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