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Friday, 4 November 2011

A Busy World Events Season.


Fat cat EU and God only knows how many other pensions he has, is also boss of The BBC. Now since his overseas remit is funded by the EU and his ex-Commissioner annuity subject to blind obedience to the Gestapo cause he's not likely to be unbiased, is he?

The USA is in flames as Obama's halo melts under the heat but he's an EU supporter and black, well 50%, so 
no chance of any serious reporting from Oakland. Of course another mantra is the "occupy" movement is "The anti-capitalist" movement according to the BBC. Utter bollocks, it's anti-political and corporate greed and bed sharing. Of course that includes the very political BBC, so no mileage there, is there.

Then there's the UK's popular hatred for all things Federal EU. So they have a wonderful cause to promote. Kirsty Squawk, last night, was drooling over the German MEP and his such wise and measured tone. You see all this EU disaster is nothing to do with the architects. They designed it but cowboy Southern builders have erected crap foundations. All will be well with a few carefully placed timber supports. That those timbers will be worm infested and last a couple of years, if we're lucky, ne'er gets a mention.

The EU really is a classic "Emperor in the buff" scenario. A bribed and strategically placed cheering bunch of sycophants are lauding like mad. We little folk, murmuring how disgusting the old trout looks in his birthday suit, are quietly and smugly ignored.

Well, as the murmurings get louder and the cheerleaders begin to see a glimmer of truth, it will be fascinating to watch their embarrassment. Sadly, like their masters, they appear to have little self awareness or shame. You only have to witness Labour and the TUC, here in The UK, to see how quickly they forget their own part in this unholy mess of a nudist colony that is The EU.



  1. Spot on he should not be chairman person whatever of the BBC its called conflict of interest ..the interest of the EU.
    How much is this creep pulling in a year several millions I guess. When they get sucking of the public tit it never ends for them one overpaid job after another.