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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

After A 24 Hour Loss Of Service.

A Post For Today.

I suggest it is fair to say that the enormous attention being given to the failure of The European project and the dismal incompetence of the single currency is something to be relatively pleased about. Better it be observed and talked about, than quietly given the Afghan war treatment.

By that I mean the enormity of that failing conflict's invisibility. Since the billions embezzled in Iraq and now Afghanistan,probably the tip of an iceberg, the relativity of these military, foolish, campaigns to the financial Armageddon overwhelming The West, is quite stark. Regardless of the consequences, the missions continue and so do the arms dealers' and their corporate cohorts' riches grow.

Behind this cloak of forgetfulness in Afghanistan, we have that other source of massive corruption and billions of disappearing tax payers savings and futures, The European Union itself. Note well the Paxman interview with the greatest ever snake oil salesman and purveyor of little boys, Mandleson. The placement of EU lackies as Prime Ministerial poster boys by The EU has quite given the "Snide" an attack of the vapours. Could he, might he secure the UK Premiership in such a manner? Little doubt he thinks so.

In our modern world it would seem that it is not "To the victor the spoils" but "to the incompetent the riches".
Mervyn King knighted, Mandleson a Peer of the realm. The Kinnocks' enormous wealth and riches, whilst reforming The Upper house, as the windbag reckoned he was there for! A whole litany of failure that has placed us in this dreadful place of penury and enslavement.

Yet look at the last few days. The very architects of our downfall, Bliar, Snotty, Douglas Alexander, Mrs Balls and so on are being paraded. This bunch of utter pathetic puerility are preaching how they delusionally got it all right and proper. It's enough to almost regard the Cobbleition as OK. Of course, as Mrs Oldrightie would say, very much the lesser of two very great evils.


  1. Notice how the MSM have also gone extremely quiet on the subject of Libya since it became obvious, (as it was before NATO ever got involved), with the introduction of Sharia, that our thick politicians had just facilitated the installation of yet another extreme Islamic government!

    What a bunch of stupid twats!

  2. When the man running the corner shop at a profit is taxed to within 2.54cm of his life, but the vain and incompetent amateurs who f****d up our national finances are showered with honours and wealth, then their Ceaucescu moment can surely be only a matter of time.

  3. Hi, Spidey! Struck dumb rather frequently these MSM. Prole, I do hope so.