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Monday, 10 October 2011

The Wall Street Thing.

Protest Must Get Stronger And Have A Goal.

Raedwald today, link, , changed my mind about my post for the morning. I was going to  mention my growing allegiance to RT, newly available to the OR household, having just entered the digital TV age, after years and  tears of poor reception. More on that perhaps tomorrow.

Back to Wall Street. Raedwald poses the sensible question of what is it about. Well, the Arab spring didn't have an end game initially. It took police and Government violence to stir them into genuine revolution aimed at overthrowing the corruption and power operated by a handful of elitist scum. Ring any bells?

The West and its New World Order, a policy long derided by many, is different. "Occupy Wall Street" is a passionate response to the mess the Western people are now enmeshed in. However, for decades, starting back in the 1920s, corporate, global economic dominance, by a select few, has led to a system heavily fortified in a huge edifice of wealth and resources. One allied to political regimes totally immersed in the bribery that these conglomerates have so subtly managed.

This pyramid is built on alliances between Governments, gangsters and bureaucrats with the corporate logos towering over it in a blazing light of untouchable success. Already their agents and media bosses are bleating about how these protests and strikes will only harm the participants. The economic howitzers are trained on their populace every bit as ruthless as the guns shelling the innocents of Sirte. Funded and sold, naturally, by our big pals under discussion.

Now I'm not saying this structure cannot be defeated. Unfortunately the Bilderbergers ability to hunker down, is superior to the rest of us. To change matters for a "better world" demands sacrifices. Ones  I, at my age, am reluctant to contemplate. Yet such requirements of hardship coupled with a global unity of purpose is what it will take.

One single factor shines out as a staple food for the corporate appetite. Indeed it is their strength and their Achilles heel. Consumerism. Whilst we need an internet and global communication network to attack the Goliaths, do we need the constant updating? Do we need the endless advertising and retail bombardments every minute of the day? They are the main weapons for the brainwashing necessary for their system to survive.

So, protest is essential. It needs localism to flourish and small successes to be won, all over The Western World. It needs a scream of anguish against The EU in Europe. Where America has its political and corporate targets, we, here, need to concentrate on our Trojan Horse. We need to realise that The EU construct is but an invasion of our lives, as an entity, of the whole Bilderberger drive to subjugate us all.

Whilst The Americans occupy the epi-centre of their woes, Wall Street, in Europe we need to attack relentlessly The EU grip on our lives here. Ergo, Councils and EU interference locally. Fishing ports to black EU operators, farmers to black supermarkets and sell themselves. People to stop buying stuff they do not need. We don't need growth, we need contraction.

Long term fewer people and less demand. Living within our means and a political class genuinely caring about the future of others, not themselves. A class of successful but ageing individuals, with experience and understanding, of the vainglorious stupidity of modern political and economic philosophy. Career politics has got into bed with corporate greed because it is seen as a means to an easy and wealthy future. For older people such considerations pale and the desire to leave something behind, in return for a decent and moral existence, gets ever more important.

OK, so I'm being naive. I always get chastised when I argue against globalisation. It will probably be with us until the end of humanity. Since ever burgeoning population growth waters down the gene pool of intelligence it's inevitable that the few able to control will reign supreme and the Eloys do nothing but tread the mills of despair and anguish. I still don't like this vision of the future, even if many of us deserve it. So come on "Occupy Wall Street", give it all you can. Come on Europe, occupy Brussels and return us to a brotherhood of nations, not a federalism of slaves.


  1. There are some, perhaps good people at the OWS who are protesting against the globalists, but the majority are paid for by soros and the dems and their Acorn, Seiu union fronts! Read gateway pundit this morning!

    Have you seen these from your UK paper? Latest PUTRID PICS from the filth at Occupy Wall Street!

    Our movement has been hijacked by the lefties in order to get obummer re-elected.
    Good luck getting rid of the EU over your way.
    I hope you succeed.

  2. Where I live, close to a rural and farming area in England, there has grown a 'second' economy. I can fix stuff, from combines to computers. Not, possibly, as the manufacturer would like, but I'm paid only by results.
    Last week, I took two lamb carcasses and a porker carcass in payment. I got the local butcher to reduce the carcasses to recognisable joints, gave him about 20lbs of meat as recompense.
    Most of the meat I put into the freezer. The remainder was traded for benefits such as two weeks of freshly-baked bread, a dozen pints of beer (spread over a week) and a couple of boxes of assorted veggies, including asparagus.
    There's a whole new, cashless, tax-less economy out there and all of the participants benefit. And those involved pass-on some of the benefits to the consumer in the way of reduced prices in order to attract custom.
    It all works!
    The only 'loser' is the State because it cannot stick its filthy nose anywhere into the chain of transactions.
    This type of trading is growing swiftly, more and more producers of good are prepared to trade their goods for services or goods in return.
    Not one penny ever goes to TPTB!!
    Regretfully, I must remain anonymous, for obvious reasons.

  3. Bunni, I lost these comments due to Virgin media failure. Back now. I'm quite confused about OWS. Seems it's spreading without direct allegiance to the Old Order. I hope that is so.
    Anon, that's a proper way to live!