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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Trying Something Different!

From The Circus of Political Awfulness!

This is a view The Oldrightie Clan know well. It is part of a joyous walk and steady climb through Mortimer Forest which ends in a breathtaking vista to the West and the Mountains of Wales, not dissimilar to this image.

I was minded of our beautiful location with a "daily drivel" report, this morning ,with reference to those everyday outdoor contact points carrying large numbers of bacteria,  told from America! Given the vast numbers of creatures handling said items and their less than savoury, lazy habits, non hand washing and dubious potty training, it is little wonder. Furthermore the objects discussed lie pretty well in their order of usage, so not exactly rocket science, is it? Still, we've nothing better to squander our terrific wealth on than stating the bleeding obvious, have we?

So this nonsense did lead me to ponder how infrequently we come into contact with these urban conveniences, (pun alert) and how much cleaner our rural environment tends to be. Of course we are also heavily populated with farm animals rather than the human kind, so that's a thought! Albeit I do consider The British to be every bit as slovenly and dirty as anywhere else on the Planet, if not top of the league! 

One does have to work very much harder in 2011 to garner the best around us, as it continues to be swamped every year by ever greater hordes of immigrants. It's no coincidence that The Cotswolds is probably the cleanest and best part of these lands, for the urban escapee who still craves luxury. Funny that, isn't it!


  1. What a beautiful area, OR. I hope it stays nice and clean.

    I'm kind of a germaphobe. I try NEVER to touch things out in public, and use my elbow, or sleeve if I must open a door. Avoiding public loos unless an extreme emergency is prudent...Also carrying little packet "wet wipes", and opening doors with your shoulder, and flushing things with your foot!

    The world is a grubby and germy place in cities, and I'd rather hang out in a barn that at some of those FILTHY OWS sites! Enjoy a nice weekend.