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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Thick Or What.

In The Middle Of Meltdown.

Greece is just a symptom of the utter failure of our political, Bilderberger classes to grasp reality. Plastered over the "not the real Tory" Conference is "leadership". What an insult to a world and a Nation devoid of any remote scrap of such a quality.

A leader would show the way to minimise the chaos we are suffering. Shout the EU Emperor has no clothes. A leader would radicalise his nation's politics and address the madness of ever greater borrowing to fund debt interest, in a vicious circle, with a future of starvation, cold and misery at it's hub.

Excessive, do you think? The FTSE is sinking and presently below 5000 points. A level soon to be a desirable dream. Climate change stupidity continues unabated with it's self-interested greed to gain from  others impotent decline. 

Cameron pursues his Presidential dream every bit as secretively and treasonably as did that other arrogant sod, Bliar. Behind closed doors doing secretive deals to hand over more of our sovereignty and fast depleting wealth. All the time his smugness grows at being in possession of things we are deemed too ignorant to share.

All the time this Macbeth like strutting and posturing of the calamitous EU disaster of a system fails to notice its own irrelevance in the face of the imminent collapse of the empirical enslavement of a whole Continent. As their bold stupidity gets ever bolder the reality of their indebted, immoral corruption and profligacy with others' well being and wealth, is ignored. 

Soon hordes of disgruntled, self-inflicted poverty stricken people will rise up. If these erstwhile leaders cannot realise their failure, the only option is to force them to do so. They are hell bent on violent uprising to conceal their failure and employ their own counter violence and thuggery. We are seeing this in Greece, have tasted it in Britain. It can only get worse unless leadership is forthcoming. 

Of that there is no sign. An addict has to admit that addiction. The EU club has seemingly outlawed such honesty years ago. There deceit will one day be punished. When, not if, the only question. A FTSE below 1000 points, perhaps?

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  1. It looks as though the USA citizenry has had enough, OR!