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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday But The Euro Death Throes Cannot Rest!

Not The Solution, The Problem.

The sinking ship of World and European finance has no captain and no nation prepared to tell the blatant truth that the system has been allowed to drift into this mess we now find ourselves.

As ever it is the masses who are set to suffer most. Where has all the money, wealth and resource gone? Into political and corporate ambitions, that's where. Too big to fail was the building block to drive these edifices and monuments to corruption, forward.

Of the issues that have created this mess most are just aping history. Wars, for example, used to further arms traders and political job creation schemes. Political corruption and unholy alliances with gangsters is another historical tenet we have lived through before.

Yet one modern construct remains unique in history. The obsession by a political class to destroy nations and form an undemocratic Empire through economic means rather than militarily. Hence we have an enemy impossible to attack. Secretive, corrupt and utterly blind to the chaos and hardships being created. Or deliberately causing this mayhem for Machiavellian reasons.

A break up of The Eurozone and subsequently this terrible European Federalist ambition will happen. Unfortunately the havoc and poverty that will be left behind will, probably, resemble the carnage the retreating German armies left, spitefully behind, on their retreat from the dismal failure of Barbarossa. Ironic that!

If we had a political figure with the cojones to admit that this EU nightmare can be brought to a close, the end game could be less harsh. Yet somehow these bankers and hugely wealthy, powerful political creatures will smile knowingly, as the starving and destitute populations suffer. The Greeks are the first in line to get this water boarding. There are many more to come unless the Nations of Europe throw out this institution of predatory Bilderbergers. If not, check out what happens next to your European State,  It's not very pleasant.

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  1. Many thanks for the link. It will need many voices talking to many people in many ways to try to explain just what is happening. And you will not hear it on the BBC or Sky or Fox or CNN or on Al Jazeera or the other main media.

  2. A complaint by the Greeks was that as the problem deepened they were being expected to sign away the countries assets. This would greatly reduce their ability to operate as an independent country in the future.

    This seems to be one of the main aims of the EU. Reduce countries to a point where they have no real assets, culture or means of doing anything about it. The EU is effectively knowing away at each and every country member.

    The electorate of all of the member countries did not sign up to this, they did not wish it and do not want it to proceed any further.

    The collapse of both the Euro and the EU would be painful and horrific but the alternative is even less palatable.

  3. Demetrius, a pleasure. Russia Today has a degree of relative honesty, albeit as ever an agenda.
    Petem, very much less palatable. Mind you, I suspect The Greeks won't surrender as easily as expected.