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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sorry Is Such An Easy Word!


Pseudo Dave is reported this morning as apologising to women for his remarks in the HoC, recently. This got me thinking. (I do, occasionally) We are bombarded by the likes of that shrew, Harperson and regaled constantly about women's rights. Here they make, in my opinion, a fundamental error.

Boy Dave, indeed I suggest a majority of men, regard women's "rights", as expounded by predominantly sapphic types or wannabes, as some kind of belief in, not equality with men but superiority. Here their feelings become conflicted with the desire to be seen to be politically correct whilst suppressing their real agenda, misogyny.

Now this mixed up stew of emotional conflict is pushed aside and their real attitudes are allowed to come to the fore. Men only clubs, nights out with the boys and a genuine preference for their own sex's company borders on a flirtation with homosexuality.

Women genuinely differ in this respect and many of their girls only activities involve discussion of the male sex. The ghastly male predominance of  conversation does not include the feminine unless in a pornographic and misogynistic way.  

Davey boy's erstwhile apology therefore sounds empty. He is a naturally programmed alpha male with a disdain for women in the world other than as mothers and partners. Now the equality movement attacks this behaviour totally in the wrong manner. As human beings more women are naturally decent, fair and loving than their male counterparts. In many respects, superior. 

Sadly the modern thrust for "equality" drives the less intellectually endowed females into aping male behaviour at the expense of a significant natural superiority. Thus family life and matriarchal excellence suffers in the confusion of equality issues totally irrelevant to the real nature of male behaviour. Misogyny. Our Dave not only showed this towards  Nadine  but  has now compounded it with an empty apology. It would be better he owned up to his nasty side, where women are concerned, reserving any apology for the mess he is making of his premiership and lack of leadership, so aptly shown in the Commons, towards Nadine Dorries.


  1. The man is no longer worthy of the Heir to Blair tag, even.

  2. Cameron's ambition to be "heir to Blair" was the juvenile ambition of a third former to emulate a brilliantly successful captain of school. I don't believe that ideology comes into it at all. It is simple, cultural conformity which, his advisors told him, was necessary to "detoxify the brand" of the Conservative party - aka the "nasty party".

    I believe that he recognises that the "progressive" , "right-on" discourse is the only one permitted in the metrosexual media bubble which he inhabits. Within this framework, he is trying to garner a few votes - that's all.

    If the fashionable discourse were racist, he would be promoting racial purity earnestly, I am sure. I don't think it is a matter of belief at all but simple conformity with the sort of discourse which is likely to get printed and broadcast.

    His attack on and slighting of Nadine Dorries was designed to show his approval of abortion - another totem pole of Political Correctness.

  3. "a brilliantly successful captain of school"

    I agree Blair is/was childish. As for successful, well, personally, in terms of wealth and greed.