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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Snail's Rush.

To Get Their First.

This article ends with a question. Two of my friends yesterday touched on this subject. Gau8 and Banned. Well I had access to a meeting between Ministers and energy suppliers including the oil industry. Bear in mind how our snide, corrupt shites operate and look to screw us at every turn.

The meeting went as follows.

Just after 6a.m. the lackies were busy in the Department's luxurious "board room". A mahogany and panelled room befitting any EU office, designed to impress any bureaucrat looking to feel critically less than well cared for. Though early, the decanters were carefully laid out, the individual seat stations carefully set with Duchy biscuits, small wines and soft drinks. EU headed note books, bound in the most superb leather, together with small computer tablets, again crested, were placed carefully. For the odd attendee over 50 years of age a Mont Blanc pen and pencil set was added to the "goodie bags" to be kept or traded on Ebay.

At 8a.m. the invited guests arrived to be greeted by a gurning smugness in the form of a hoon. All the attributes of an unimaginably rich and smug individual were on parade, as the various individuals filed in to greet The UK EU province's energy secretary. All the energy supply cartel were there. An EU female sole woman member of the meeting, was greeted with especial warmth by the host. Her weird, not totally unattractive Tomboy appearance he found just as he ordered if females were to attend.

The gathering took their places, aided by a host of staff and the gold leaf embossed place names. They chatted amongst themselves awaiting the guest of honour. The main topic of conversation centred around how stupid Basil Brush had been for getting caught "in flagrante", as it were. Then was heard a clamour outside as the much welcomed adoration of sycophants resounded the arrival of The British Province's head Fred.

As he swept in he bellowed, "Don't get up" whilst inwardly glowing with a sense of power, even if not the supreme office of EU President, yet. He sat opposite the buffoon at the the other end of the mirror glossed table announcing even before the meeting was declared open, " I know we have much to discuss about fooling the plebs over our energy cartel structure and the need to protect our own backs and scams but I want to chat first and off the record about this wretched shale gas discovery in The UK province." 

Much murmuring swept round the table. The podgy faced, thinning hair, fading youth continued. "Just as we thought our wealth and control over Don Quixote attacks was assured and our "how green can the peasants get", or should I say "wet behind the ears of climate change", sniggers went round the room, "This potential riches and comfort for the populace rears its ugly head."

He stood to emphasise his words. "Let me assure you, we in Government and across the three major controlling political clubs, here in this great EU Province, will not let our carefully constructed plans, to totally control energy for our own benefit and that of our New World Order friends in the corporate stratosphere, allow this unforeseen largesse to benefit anyone but ourselves. I give you my word. This really is a cast iron guarantee.  Our grip on the world will not be loosened by some freak of nature daring to interfere with decades of planning, subterfuge and control designed to make a few of us trillionaires and the majority paupers. We all know this is the only way to cope with billions of human beings." he sat.

Hoon spoke after a silent,thoughtful pause. "Gentlemen, and lady," he began, "I have substantial interests in the alternative green energy industries. As do many of you here today. The petrochemical giants amongst you know and have agreed our stance. One that allows the ever increasing cost and profits of oil to go ever higher excused by the planting of the successful meme that it is running out. We have slowed to a puff the extraction of North Sea gas via taxation. We are pouring billions of tons of concrete from our aggregate conglomerates, into the foundations of millions of world wide pylons, to carry wind turbines."

"Then this bloody shale gas bounty pops up. A supply of endless wealth we have yet to corner for ourselves. One which threatens new found riches for many and comfort for The UK provinces. Something which will threaten our master plan for our glorious Federal Dream. Just as our efforts to complete fiscal domination via austerity looks like paying off. Sure, we are promoting our "fear" propaganda that this extraction of energy causes earthquakes but that is getting a feint whisper, such as climate change scepticism developed. A whisper even featuring in today's Daily Telegraph, here in London. We need a conspiracy to keep this from the public. The greens (will be persuaded) to kill off shale gas because it is not a renewable source. The big energy companies don’t want the competition and the Government is (and will remain) lukewarm about the prospect (until we garner the resource for all of us here today). (I carefully) never mentioned it yesterday in the interviews (I) gave, and neither did Ed Miliband. Charles Hendry, the energy minister, recently said: “We do see shale gas as a game-changer in places like the US, but we don’t see the same potential here in the UK at the moment.”

The bold italics are adapted from the article linked to at the beginning with brackets showing my editing!


  1. Why, thank you. I thought it had fallen on deaf ears!

  2. Who does own it, the landowners or is it somehow State Property?