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Monday, 31 October 2011

A Sino New World Order?

Well, New European!

Such is the passion of The EU cabal and inner circle to retain their wealth and control that no means are discarded in that pursuit. They have so ingrained the banking system with a the veins of their own hubris as to allow that financial indusrty to get away with literally murder. How it's done in The EU and Western politics.

Now despite billions of drug cartel cash being blatantly laundered, it still has been squandered on the high life of EU high representatives. Not least the stunningly delectable  Baroness Ashton. So, after a ridiculous meeting of "EU heads" last week and grandiose announcements of trillions of cash being readily available, off to Beijing goes another recently appointed trougher and inner circle chosen one, Klaus Regling.  First class travel, no doubt.

Now have they thought this out in their panic? Possibly. However, look at the likely mechanical requirements to secure the road worthiness of this new vehicle. A driver, or at least VIP passenger will need to be Chinese. After all they are being asked to provide The EU despots with the most expensive limousine in history.

As I often mention, for our failed ruling classes the means really do justify the ends. The Rothschilds "maxim gun" philosophy has always been to lay heavy bets on both sides of any conflict. Once it was arm , the currency of modern warfare is now, well, currency! So it will be of little concern to the real power brokers who gets first pick of the cars and chauffeurs.

Of course, such choices will not include we mere mortals. So, just as The Chinese ride roughshod over their work force and cheap labour, together with the enslavement of  Tibet, as our crowd in Brussels are doing with Greece, the die is cast. They bail out The EU project, the EU Commissioners turn Judas on their own people and sell us out to Chinese demands and control.

So whilst we bicker over EU membership, we are quietly sold, en masse, to China. There can be little doubt the lenders will require a seat on the various boards set up to spend Chinese money. The IMF has already been touted as a target for re-organisation. Whatever spin is put on all these intricate shenanigans, you can be sure of one thing beyond doubt. It is the ordinary folk who will get shafted. For the elite ruling classes, their only sacrifice will be having to attend a few more Chinese meals than hitherto their normal  troughing on European delicacies. At least they won't starve.

It would seem my views are shared!


  1. Wotcha Rightie!

    Apart from what we might hear about 'abuses of human rights'...Tibet etc, historically, China has never had any kind of 'expansionist policy' and I'm pretty sure that she is not about to change.
    I know, some might say.....'Well, what about all these global mineral rights that it's been acquiring?'....simples. China is essentially the worlds workshop and no other nation can utilise them into useful products as efficiently as they can....something that has been mutually engineered between them and the West.
    Having spent a good percentage of my life to the region and with the added...err...bonus of being married to one of the 1.3 billion I can safely say that the Chinks (it's the misses one all the time and she's never offended) will look upon this pathetic plea for help with nothing but utter disdain.

  2. gau8, nice comment, thank you. Your name's not Arthur by any chance!