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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Politics and capitalism

Their Conjunction.

On twitter I was asked to explain what I meant by the politicisation of capitalism. Not easy to do since politics is entwined in all we do as a creature.

Here, however is an attempt. In order to sell goods and services at maximum profit it was deemed, post the second world war, that global marketing was the way to go. Yet in some circumstances cultural differences and resistance to buy regardless of need had to be overcome.

This lack lustre interest in a consumer led economic model therefore needed nudging. Either to gain access to frigid markets or even impose a new political order to facilitate the globalisation drive. Thus it became inevitable that to create these new outlets for the model political influence was required. So politicians found themselves a desirable asset for this need to dominate trade. It has now evolved to the extent that marketplace become State, as we witness in The EU federalist desire. 

Trade missions are led by politicians in the role of salesmen. That is part of my meaning of capitalism becoming politicised. It has not worked that well, has it?


  1. Last night the BBC series on Ceramics dealt with the rise and fall of Stoke on Trent but without saying much about what really happened. There was a once great industry which was destroyed by the operation of political interests on investment and functioning. For a long while it was a "milk cow" and then discarded.

  2. As with so much else, Demetrius.

  3. The belief in politicians having magical powers seems almost undentable at present.

    Governmental debt is blamed on banks not governments, bankrupt banks being bailed-out at taxpayer expense is blamed on bankers not governments, lack of economic growth is blamed on insufficient government action.

    It's all completely nuts, but until it's reversed not only capitalism but just about everything will remain politicised.

  4. FB, I'm afraid your vicious circle is going to take some breaking.