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Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Petition Destined To Fail.

Too Big To Stop.

The header picture is taken from this excellent link and shows the devious and unpleasant manner in which The EU masters operate. Topically it illustrates the less than enthusiastic stance these cretins have over citizens' petitioning input into the dreadful political system beloved of the dictators in Brussels. 

Examples abound of the awfulness and failure of this Federal Empire. Not least the NATO backed Libyan protection of civilians. Very selective that. Compliant constantly in these machinations are the Civil Service mandarins and the political classes as a whole. Ironic that Anthony  Benn, a bete noire for Oldrightie, remains very anti-European federalism.

So as this EU petition gets its Commons debate you must look beyond the theatre and PR. Already the vote will have been sorted. The LimpDum traitors will be  whipped into line and made to ignore the people they represent. The Mock Tory façade will horse trade, threaten and bully. Those with a personal ambition far greater than any altruism or desire to represent the very peoples' wishes, who pay for their solid life styles, will meekly and Uriah Heep like do as they're told. As for Red Ed and his merry men and pseudo women, he is already steeped in the corruption of EU patronage, big time. Try this crap to see where the muppet is coming from.

So as excitement is whipped up, pun intended, this charade will fizzle out and cause little more than a ripple in a puddle stamped on by The EU dictatorship's heel. In the secretive meetings we never hear about out fate has already been sealed and knowledge that could destroy this regime is very much under lock and key. 

Only Greek style revolution could possibly dent this now entrenched Federal State. I would so love to be wrong. How wonderful if the vote went in favour of a referendum, that vote was for withdrawal and a second round of voting not allowed. In reality, as I have already mentioned, Monday's debate is already over and counted. A majority against what the people want with barely a handful of votes for. 

In the happy event I were to be wrong, a referendum would get rigged and the hustings to defeat a referendum would garner millions from The EU borrowing facilities. Just as they did in Ireland. This from 2008 explains further the Orwellian nightmare slowly enveloping us. One where growing older books you a one way bus ride, where deemed necessary, for the "good" of all. First they came for the old.


  1. Could not agree with you more the papers are saying 15 ministers will vote against their 'Dear Leaders' wishes....its no going to happen if you get 10 Tory MPs [not ministers] I will be surprised.

  2. GS, sad isn't it, this Dictatorship.

  3. Reasons for opposing a referendum, well, Left wing conservative MP Louise Mensch let the cat out of the bag when she tweeted yesterday that her reason for opposing the referendum was "she opposes any referendum we cannot win!"

  4. Jan, I suspect soon the word democracy will be expunged from dictionaries.

  5. Wotcha Rightie.

    Keep saying this. The infantile Fabian 'change by increment' works to a point.
    Me thinks we are rapidly approaching that 'point' where the good people of this country and others begin to realise the cumulative effects of our cuddly little 5th columnists and in a fit of temper wipe the chess pieces from the board.
    I'm not at all afraid of the EU. Nobody has militarised...nobody is actually knocking on our door to see if anyones home. All that's against us is an ever more evident set of treacherous, homegrown bumwads ever more evidently trying to sell us down a fraudulent and frankly pathetic totalitarian river...Don't worry old son. It'll naturally work itself out and our day of reckoning is not far off.

  6. Whats changed....O yes the mugs voted him PM.