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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Paper Is Coming Off The Cracks.

Of The EU And New World Order Houses Of Straw.

Oldrightie has been forced to sit without internet yet again, today. At last I have a connection but Lord knows how long for.

The news today has been a very mixed bag. All of it showing how badly the cracks and fissures in The West are being revealed. Poverty in The UK is looking dire. The USA protests are getting ever bigger and the authorities there even more draconian. The European Union continues it's blatant idiocy towards its and our destruction.

For me there is a significant link with all the awfulness and anxiety being forced on us. That link is the devastating  hubris of The EU itself. No better illustration can be found that this discussed here. Read and weep how your and your grandchildrens' future is wasted for these cretinous, bilious, hateful people.

Still, the growing awareness, fuelled by the internet, is getting more and more the case. People are no longer trusting the MSM and The BBC is becoming a parody of its own stupidity and bias. Profligacy throughout our political system, led by our own corrupt bureaucracy in Westminster, doing every last thing they are ordered to by Brussels, is a prime example.

More and more the future looks like becoming one without that dreadful blue, with gold stars, flag of Bilderberger convenience. When this stupid idea eventually crumbles, the aftermath will be short lived before Nations realise the burden of membership and exorbitant membership fees has gone. Until then we shall lurch from crisis to crisis, with only those protected by the EU Commissioners not suffering. God willing their turn will come. Hopefully I shall live to see it.


  1. They won't get a penny out of my children/grandchildren. I saw the way the wind was blowing more than twenty years ago and made a choice not to breed. I intend to spend every penny before I die and will bleed THEM dry.

    The way the political class is going there are going to be an awful lot of suicide bombing pensioners, determined to make amends on behalf of their descendants, in the near future. Some folk in their 60s are already floating the idea. I'd be very worried if I were a politician.

  2. It is very very depressing, OR.
    These are criminals of the worse order, bleeding us dry.

    I'm glad I don't have any children either, what an awful world to leave them! I even worry about my cat with these creeps running things.

    I hope you live to see a turnaround, but it might take decades. Very depressing times, I hate the EU, NWO and lefty slimeballs.

  3. "Read and weep how your and your grandchildrens' future is wasted"

    Likewise childless and grandchildless so it will be yours and not mine condemned to a life of servitude to pay off "our" debts.
    I do hope that the Chinese will not be too horrible to them.

  4. Thank you all for your supportive comments. One thing we have is this medium. Something previous generations did not.
    I suspect Hitler's rise to power may have been shorter lived if communications had been as they are today. So keep at it!!