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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Oldrightie Returns.

It Wasn't Meant To Be A Fact Finding Mission.

It sort of turned out that way. Before I witter on, albeit hopefully not aimlessly, I must say a very grateful thank you to the inimitable Gotty. The brutal but honest, fantastically forthright and ball crushing master of the blog world! Some might wish to remove the letter L from the one word but sometimes only profanity seems to fit the lunacy of the political bubble. Gotty does it so well!

Back to observations of a journey. Firstly the whole world of UK travel is dominated by immigrants. We flew out of Birmumbai Airport. Used a mumbaitaxi and stayed one night in The Crown Mumbai Plaza. Sure, pleasant enough people but so overwhelmingly weird that my land is no longer that of my culture, ancestry and ambition. It was uncomfortable to feel an alien in the City I grew up nearby. 

It made me boil with resentment. Note the word resentment, not racism. To be checked in and out of my Country by people from all over the world except with the roots from this very land. To have my passport scrutinised by burqua wearing strangers was horrible. Add to that the language and accent difficulties and you realise the anger that is, for the time being, suppressed. One which swirls through the racial mix and threatens melt down.

Anyhow, into Spain. Alicante remains very Spanish. However a marble halled palace has replaced the perfectly adequate terminals of just a few months earlier. Billions spent and still to be spent on an Airport, for God's sake. Most probably some corrupt EU scam that now looks rather unnecessary in the light of what was to be revealed.

The economic shabby decline was all around us as we journeyed North toward Javea.  Mass building works frozen in economic wasteland. Unfinished roads baked their unwanted mounds of hard core and debris. Advertising posters fluttered, torn, in the breeze. Those not detached were bleached by unforeseen months rather than weeks in the baking sun.

We passed through towns with empty, boarded up shops. We were told stories of those shopkeepers hanging on to their now impoverished businesses. People once jolly and welcoming, turned sullen by the yoke of an oppressive, deluded and hopeless regime in Brussels. The sense of holiday, the joy of hope for maƱana gone.

Then there are the tales of ex pats' dreams of a home in the sun. The economic tsunami engulfing them has and
remains a horrendous and forgotten tragedy. The totally unexpected EU failure by many has created a situation where many are trapped, unable to return to their own country. Their rights as citizens inferior to immigrants entering the UK as I write. Sure, they chose this path but few of the grasping beneficiaries of this flight to the sun made much effort to guide them as to the pitfalls. The exodus was also driven by the scenes of takeover and occupation we observed on our short journey.

I chose the picture above as a symbol of a culture. I wished to emphasise how the UK has meekly relinquished it's Christian foundations in favour of a socialist and EU driven desire to swamp and destroy nationalistic,  heritage fervour. Be progressive, forget the past. Forward to a bright new, multi-cultural Utopia.

Well this means misplacing the sacrifices of generations who fought and died for a free Europe. One with room for genuine asylum seekers, not hordes of economic migrants, failures in their own lands. As I experienced the monumental and rapid decline in Spain, everywhere, for all to see, my heart was heavy.

The EU is a nightmare. A failed experiment that has and continues to blight millions. Hopes, passion, fervent loyalty to culture and tradition, that brought Nations through hardship and war, sacrifice and effort, has all been subsumed then consumed in corruption and greed for power. Farage is doing the rounds in an excellent excoriation of the ghastly EU elite. I know little of his character. I know he is loathed more than loved. Yet is there anyone other than he, in power and within the EU edifice with the same clarity of vision as to its utter, total failure?

Like it or not, he is, politically, The UK's Palin. His Party the only refuge for European nations anxiety. Globalisation and it's EU offspring are not for the peoples of The World. Only for a select few. Something surely has to give?


  1. Farook bin abdullah1 October 2011 at 11:24

    Welcome home. Did you get a nice tan ?

  2. Welcome back - although that other chap did have a wonderfully colourful vocabulary - and so well targeted.

    I remember the EU quisling, LibDumb Graham Watson, sitting behind Farage during one of his righteous rants - Watson was making infantile gestures suggesting that Farage was mad.

    How un-PC, and as it turns out, how wrong was Watson.

    Farage is the only person who has reflected the views of the disenfranchised - it's just getting the rest of the fools in this country to change their voting habits.

  3. Farook, thank you. However it is always my policy not to waste my white skin!
    BJ, thank you for the welcome home and the justifiable praise for Gotty.

  4. Margaret Hodge, the multi-millionaire Labour M.P. has adopted the BNP policy of giving preference to long standing residents of this country preference to immigrants when it comes to allocation of social housing. See:

    And Hazel Blears admits there’s been too much immigration. See:

    The pompous, sanctimonious dim-wits that make up the political left are slowly getting there, though it’s probably too late.

  5. "The pompous, sanctimonious dim-wits that make up the political left are slowly getting there, though it’s probably too late."

    Lovely turn of phrase Ralph but I wish I had your optimism. I see their "Damascus" as just realising a lot of piano wire been sold recently.

  6. "I wished to emphasise how the UK has meekly relinquished it's Christian foundations ..... " as announced by the BBC during Common Era 2012.

  7. Hi, Joe. Common era of excrement filled treason, might I suggest?

  8. Welcome back OR. Gotty did sterling work in your absence.

    You're right about Spain - I got out just in time to save a little sanity. Shops were folding everywhere and the Spanish were pessimistic about the future, such a shame. And, of course, no benefits for the unemployed or needy on the scale of those you see here in Britain.

  9. So kind, GV. Thank you. As awful as this EU climate is I sense a growing rebellion!