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Friday, 7 October 2011

Leadership Lost.

Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear.

A selection of the Planet's Muppet show characters above. Dim, dumb, arrogant, stupid, deaf, blind, uncaring, selfish, power crazy and ignorant.

Why, you might ask? Well, they've stitched up the Earth's resources with their corporate pals. Made illegal and expensive wars. One only today shown to be a military, political and economic disaster. Many said it would be a repeat of The USSR intervention. Well look how true that has become. 

Did these idiots take notice? Of course not. So as this drags on and the West's cash dries up, is it not fair to suggest these ignoramuses blindly did and continue to do more of the same, to destroy the Western models so painstakingly constructed?

Let's briefly look at this economic shambles. Two major issues here. 9/11 and the ill considered responses coupled with the drive to manufacture a United States of Europe. As The West continues being misled by these incompetents nothing realistic and sensible is being done.

Now here's a real and dramatic way forward. Pull out of Afghanistan, stop coveting its natural resources but help set up trading agreements with a new Government created by The Afghans themselves. Not The West's corrupt placements. 

Next dismantle The EU. Just imagine the savings. The buildings could be put to a more productive use as flats or wealth creating commercial premises. These could then employ the few Eurocrats good enough to hold down real jobs.

Go on, imagine the unimaginable. The UK would alone save hundreds of millions of pounds a MONTH! Billions of pounds a year. Most of this largesse goes into the pockets of the Kinnocks and the Mandlesons of this disgraceful, undemocratic, corrupt institution.

As for banks. The cosy pals act of their useless executives is just a further example of blind corruption that is self perpetuating and despicable. Let them fail and let Governments give the extortioned tax incomes back to its citizens. They in turn can then invest or put their money in mutual local societies. Small, understandable and local. Places with faces they know and who they can punish for wrong doing. A climate of  "too well known to plunder secretively" without punishment or disgrace. Indeed the present system rewards the normally hidden faces of those who preside over us in the political and financial cess pits of today.

Of course none of this will happen. The idiots will blithely carry on spending tomorrow's earnings until the Earth runs dry of resources and energy. The elite will continue their lavish lifestyles, whilst the rest of us and or our children and grandchildren get ever poorer. No matter how deep the recession becomes, the rich will get richer the poorer ever more destitute and impoverished. I never really understood the cruelty of The Bolsheviks, or The French revolutionaries but I am beginning to understand that today.

I suppose you can say we deserve what we get. In The UK for sure. In The USA there seems to be a growing movement for protest and change. Godspeed to them. At least they can say they tried!

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