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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Laxative For Political Expediency.

Quantitive Easing.

The way to go, so won't be done. Instead this euphemism of QE for printing worthless, money will be disregarded by the schmucks most in the firing line.

The weasel words of by boy George in 2009 typify the ignorant stupidity of their actions now. "He told BBC News, "I don't think anyone should be pleased that we have reached this point. It is an admission of failure and carries considerable risk."  Suddenly, it's the OK thing to do. No grasp that the printed paper back then found its way into the  The EU bail out latrines.

Or that its only effect is to add hard to control inflationary toilet flushing for the coming years. That it damages desperately needed savings requiring ever greater borrowing and printing frenzies.

There is yet another of the endless G20 meetings coming up. Another muti-million pound jamboree to celebrate failure. All the time we hear of profligacy in Government continuing out of control. One example here. As for "cuts". What nonsense. Pure bollocks.

Furthermore we are donating money to increase our debt portfolio in order to bail out Ireland and the Eurozone. The first directly, the second sneakily via the IMF crooks. Add to this the EU budget increases and formidable waste, the picture of reality that pervades the planet these idiots dwell on is one impossible for mere mortals to view with any understanding. Well perhaps one single thing springs to mind, the picture in which their world is depicted is painted by a collective of piss artists, urinating the globes resources up the gallery walls.


  1. Someone on beeb radio cornered Ocborne with "an admission of failure and carries considerable risk" but he refused to answer.

    £75B QE = Stealing yet more money from your grandchildren who will have to repay it as endentured slaves of the Chinese following their Malawi model.

  2. A raid by the feckless on the savings of the thrifty - the people with a bit put by in the Post Office.

    Another storm is about to break on the heads of self-employed who made their own pension provision. The Government Actuary has made his calculation and the maximum which a pensioner can "draw down" from his pension savings is being reduced by 40% compared with three years ago. That reflects the actuary's view of the state of the economy and the length of the time he expects the pensioners to live - if they don't starve to death first.

    That's quite a hit to take and, as "we are all in it together", I wonder what reduction George & Dave will be taking in their incomes.

  3. Banned, (never here!) I think we're now in great grandchildren territory.

    Edward, "I wonder what reduction George & Dave will be taking in their incomes."
    A massive increase when they celebrate their utter failure and incompetence with a top position in Brussels.